Anyone been to bicester?

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone been to the biecester sale??

  2. Hi eviemarie!

    I'm really sorry but I didn't make it to Bicester today. I managed to get hold of them on the phone to discover that they didn't have the choc Annie I was after (and in fact the SA said she'd never seen a choc one in there) What sealed the deal for me was the fact that I got hold of Shepton Mallet too - no joy there, and I know the website has been out of stock too. Anyway, called my local HoF, and they had one left in chocolate. :yahoo:So, in a nutshell, I've been in Reading all afternoon!

    There was another thread from yesterday, and someone said they checked for filofaxes for you. No oak, just dark colours I seem to remember. I'll try and find the thread if you haven't seen it. How did you get on today - did you manage to call them at all?

    And yes, if anyone's been today, would love to hear how it went!
  3. Hi. It was me who went to Bicester on Wednesday! I did look at the filofaxes - they were mainly darker colours, there was one light one but it looked a bit too orangey to be oak (ginger perhaps?). I didn't get a close look though I'm afraid.

    I asked a SA who said all their stock was out (I was hoping for a chocolate Roxanne), but perhaps she just didn't want to go hunting in the stock room! Not sure if they've had any deliveries since.

    I might go again at the weekend, in which case I'll report back. :smile:
  4. Hey hun,they had chocolate Roxys at Cheshire Oaks = 07515 577 598 give them a try,I'm sure they had some yesterday,I can't remember properly as I was looking for something else,they had filofaxes in various sizes in there too!!!!:tup:

    But I did'nt see any Choc Annies,apparently the black one I got from there is the only one they have had so far,but they have only been open three weeks.
  5. Well I'm £417 worse off now! :yahoo: Thanks Chaz! :tup:

    It won't arrive until next week sometime, so it'll be something to look forward to at the beginning of January, which is normally so depressing after the excitement of Christmas & New Year is all over!

    I might now sell my Emmy which I've never used, just to ease the guilt a bit!
  6. Thank you roxford - completely forgot to check for your orig thread :shame:

    Many congrats on your purchase. I just love the darwin chocolate - well worth every penny. I had a similar dilemma with a bag that I have hardly used. Bought my Annie yesterday, and have used it immediately today, so I know I did the right thing! Hopefully will be the same for you, and you'll love using your Roxanne straight away!
  7. Thanks Alycat! I can't wait to get it! I've got a feeling it's going to be perfect for me. My OH got me a lovely key fob and heart coin purse for Xmas, so hopefully I'm all Mulberry'd out for a while!

    Glad you got your Annie - it's a beautiful bag!
  8. :smile: :tup:
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