Anyone been to Bicester recently???

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  1. ...I'm planning to go Sunday, just wondered what stock is like there at moment? What have they got? and how much money should i REALLY take!!!

  2. As much as you can lay your hands on!?!? :nuts:

    What are you after & someone may be able to be more specific?! :biggrin:
  3. I would love Mitzy messenger or hobo...
    Agenda, pocketbook, or notebook cover...
    Purse or cardholder...

    think that be it!!!
  4. :lol: Not much then! Hope they have great stock for you, sounds like you're on a mission Kelly :yahoo:
  5. I was there about a week ago (maybe two weeks now, I forget), I was specifically after an Agenda but they didn't seem to have many except the Spazzy Leather ones in Fuschia or White - however - I asked if they had any normal Oak ones and they opened the cupboard underneath the display cabinet and they had rows of them. The pocket book sized one was £105 but I got 10% off as well so it was £94.50.

    The best bargain one though was a Black Natural Leather one I saw in the Bargain Bucket at Shepton yesterday for £44!!!

    When I went to Bicester they only really had the sale stock out but there were no Mitzy Messengers and the only hobos they had were Ostrich.

    They had lots of purses though.

    The extra 70% off finished the day we were there so they may have more stock out now as they will probably have 'normal outlet' stuff rather than just the sale stuff.

    Have fun and remember to let us know any stock they have that you can remember!
  6. I'm going on Friday so will try to do a mental list of what they have!
  7. that will be brilliant thank you!!!
  8. #8 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    Never mind a mental list, just take a pen and paper!! Or better still, a Blackberry or an iPhone, that way you can post direct onto the forum whilst you're there!!:nuts:

    PS only joking!! Have a great time.
  9. ...well definately going on Sunday, so a friday list would be much appreciated...especially as I am taking a Mulberry Virgin friend with me! x
  10. I'm going with my mum, she may not appreciate my 3 hours in the Mulberry shop whilst I make an in depth list on pad & paper! :greengrin:

    I'll try my best!!! I don't have iPhone unfortunately :sad: