Anyone been to Barneys in SEATTLE lately ??

  1. I'm heading down there on Dec 10th and was wondering if anyone had been there recently and seen their inventory....

    I desperately want to fall in love with one and make a birthday purchase for myself ! I phoned them and spoke to Gregory and he was very sweet but I'm not decided on what I want and so I couldn't ask him to name everything they had lol !

    I'm particularily interested in:
    the part time
    the city
    the brief
    the work

    all in the giant hardware.... please help a girl out :flowers:
  2. I have the GH city in truffle an LOVE that bag, it's a great everyday. I would also recommend the PT (longer shoulder straps) waiting for the white PT. I think once you go and see all the bag and hold them, it'll be easier to decide.
  3. YES ! I'm thinking it is probably going to come down to the city and the part time... I would like a fun colour though.. and PS - your dogs are the cutest things I have ever seen !!!