Anyone been to BalParis?

  1. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Paris next weekend and of course will be visiting the BalParis shop.

    I wanted to know who has been there and what your experiences were. Was it a pleasant experience? Do you have an SA you can recommend? Do they have a lot of bags to choose from?

    I'm crossing my fingers I will find my perfect black city there!!

    Thanks gals!
  2. I was there about a year ago. Was surprised but how nice the SAs were (though no one I remember...) and that everyone spoke English fluently. Was looking for a black city too, but they were sold out. I found BalNY to have much more stock, but overall it was a pleasant experience.
  3. I have actually never been to Bal Paris (when I lived there I wasn't into Bal).
    But have called them a couple of times. I must say over the phone they have not been that friendly the last girl I talked to a couple of days ago, was very dry and short, saying they were not having enough personal, to answer specific questions. In the past I've talked to a guy that was a little friendlier, but was surprised on how little they had in stock.
    If you go to Paris, check Le Printemps they have much more choice. At least they had a week ago.

    Have fun, would love to come but my baby prefers the countryside.
  4. Ive been a few times. They usually have good colour options but not to many models. The sales assistants are also quite nice. Lovely clothes...swoon.
  5. I was there last weekend. I don't speak too much French, and although they were very nice, they didn't seem to have too much product knowledge in English, i.e. I asked "is this the Twiggy" and they looked at me like i had horns on my head... and then I asked "do you have the Part Time" ... again, complete bafflement on their part... I am back this weekend and will check out Printemps instead or Le Bon Marche ... PS if anyone knows what the Part Time is called in French, please enlighten!!
  6. i dont know why, but even though ive never been to Paris, i always imagined the BalParis store being more focused on selling the clothes, while BalNY seems to be more about the bags. It just seems to make sense like that culture wise :search:
  7. Paris this weekend? ~sigh~ Can I come please...pretty please?
  8. I wish I could take a fellow PF'er with me...or a dozen! I hate making these decisions alone, don't you?

    Skimatic...all the SA's I have spoken to here (also in French) have called it the Part Time, not sure why they seemed so baffled at BalParis, that's not a good sign!
  9. I can't wait to see what you bring back !
  10. I've been there a couple of times. Once a guy named Mike helped me but he wasn't helpful with the names of the styles... he just left me alone for half an hour while i was looking at every bag in there until i decided. the second time it was a girl about 25 yrs old, i had no idea what color i wanted so she brought out every color they had in the first and city. she also left me alone for half an hour to choose, she spread out all the bags and waited for me, LoL!!! I got the impression both times though that they generally don't "get" our bag obsession but they're used to it so they leave us alone!
    I also spoke on the phone with Nathalie, who is kind of an store manager there and she seemed nice.
  11. Did you get the impression they had a lot in their stock? Many colors to choose from? Were they helpful with finding you one with good leather? I'm kinda glad they leave you alone so you don't feel pressured to pick one.
  12. Yeah, that sounds like my experience as well. We start using words like "veiny" and "smooshy" and stuff, and pfft! they decide to leave us well alone .. I was left staring at what must be a Box and a Twiggy with nary a clue as to which was which... :smile:
    PS: They had lots of colors last weekend for the First. i also visited Les Ginettes on Rue Sabot and they had an emerald first, a white first, a grey twiggy (yes, i had figured it out by then) and a red makeup case of some sort... (550 euro). The others were between 550 and 650 euro i think.
  13. I'm hoping to find that perfect black City and maybe if the leather is just right a greige Twiggy. If not the Twiggy then a makeup bag or coin purse.

    I'm still not sure about greige, I have been back and forth between that and truffe (which I have a beautiful one on hold here but just can't decide!!!)

    Oh, and thanks skimatic for the info! By the way, do you know how much the Twiggy or City is in euros anyone?
  14. I was there in June and a bit disappointed in the store. It seemed quite small but then again I didn't go downstairs and check out what they had. I saw more clothes displayed than bags there. But then again that was before I even decided I wanted a B-bag. Now I regret not getting it in Paris. Well, that just gives me an excuse to go back and get one.:yahoo:
  15. bal, how exciting! sounds like you'll have lots of fun!:graucho: take pics if you can.