Anyone been to Atlantis in the Bahamas?

  1. We're thinking of our end of summer wahoo. I want to go to Atlantis but want to see if anyone here has been and what you thought.

  2. No we vacation in Jamaica but I know lots of people who have not one ws disappointed, lots to do especially for kids and beautiful surroundings!
  3. its absolutley beautiful!! never been there but seen pictures!!!
  4. Been there about 6 years ago - beautiful resort!!! Your kids will love the water slides and pools, beaches, etc. and if you're a spa person, it has a great spa with this awesome outdoor soaking pool!!! Plus, the surrounding area is kinda hit-n-miss but the resort is totally enclosed so you feel safe.
  5. After the predictions I've heard about the upcoming hurricane season, I'd stay out of the carribean.... if you want tropical, I'd recommend a condo in Kihei (Maui). PM me and I can hook you up with a good place.
  6. ack! ^when does that go through? We aren't going for at least 8 weeks.
  7. We went to the Sandals resort in the Bahamas. It was a corporate retreat trip. Every night, everyone would gather up & go over to Atlantis to gamble & hang out. Everyone was raving about the resort (too bad we weren't staying there!) although Sandals was nice too.;)
  8. Swanky- We started going to Atlantis when my daughter hit kindergarten..ITS THE BEST! We vowed NEVER ever to go to Disney again..thats how much we loved it there.There is a water slide for EVERY AGE!(toddler pool on up!)so much to do..amazing shops..Gucci..Versace IN the hotel..argh.....PM me for more info..I could go on FOREVER!
  9. We LOVED it! Went a few years ago, and I'd definitely go back. I'm early 20s so I'll still vacation with my dad & brothers once a year and that is one resort we've all agreed we should return to! This summer we're cruisin Alaska instead. And the reason we didn't go last summer was because we got scared off by the hurricanes... if you plan a trip down there during hurricane season buy insurance or something, it is so risky!
  10. Swanky,

    Here's a link to the hurricane information:

    The cliff's notes on this report is that the season lasts from about June to November, and the outlook looks like it will be at least as active of a year as last year was. I was stuck in Cancun once in a hurricane and it is not something I would EVER care to repeat. That's why I suggested Hawaii. It would be a damn shame if you could not show off that new bod on a beach somewhere- and trust me, huddled in the basement of a hotel while all hell breaks loose is not a fun way to spend your vay-kay!

    ed: that should have read JUNE and not July
  11. We went in December and it's FABULOUS! You will love it. There are so many pools ~ it's crazy. The Dig is awesome too.

    I recommend it highly. Check out Travelzoo or Sherman's Top 25 for great deals periodically. Sign up for their email notifications if you can. We got a $99/night deal there for Atlantis.
  12. Oprah stayed in that bridge suite for $25,000 a night. On a morbid note, Dateline or someone did a piece on a kid who was sucked into one of the pools drainage tubes and died.
  13. omg it is so gorgeous

    we tooka cruise to nassau and spent a day there

    idk what it costs and stuff

    but i know my dad's been thinking about going for a while

    if you go
    you must check out the underwater aquarium they have it's amamzing
  14. I went three years ago. I loved it so much. It was paradise...there is something for everyone there. I want to go on my honeymoon there someday!!
  15. Went there 2 years ago. Its awsome and there is so much for the kids to do! No problem with bad weather. The only tower you can't stay in is the one on the left of the brochure. They evacuate that first because of high winds. You will have a great time.