Anyone been to Aruba?

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  1. Hello everyone
    Hubby and I are thinking of going to Aruba. Any suggestions or recommendation?
    Is it a fairly safe area for tourist? shopping area?

  2. hi, we travel to aruba every year! My parents travelled a lot when I was young and always brought me along. We first went when I was 9. I now take my hubby too. we absolutely love it. Beautiful weather all the time, no rainy season, great shopping, fantastic restaurants, I could go on and on. Its very safe as well. Are you planning on an all inclusive, if so the riu palace is great. any other questions, just ask away :smile:
  3. I went there on my honeymoon many years ago. I recall it was very windy!
  4. the trade winds can be windy but I enjoy them because they keep you cool. I give up on maintaining a nice hair style because its a waste of time :smile:
  5. I go to Aruba often. It is absolutely wonderful. It is very safe anywhere you go, even at night. There is good shopping. It is windy but it is very hot there so the wind is welcome. I did go there in July once and found it to be very humid and extremely windy. It was so windy the sand would blow on us and it stung. That's the only month I can say it wasn't perfect.

    The people who live and work there, and even the other tourists are the nicest people I've ever met. Everyone is really happy!
  6. I honeymooned in Aruba 15 years ago and loved it. I've been back for a total of 17 nights since then and it has definitely changed. It remains safe and wonderful but it is definitely more commercial. It depends on what you want - it's not lush and tropical as it is essentially a desert/outside the hurricane belt. It does rain in November and that was the greenest I had even seen Aruba. However, the weather is perfect unlike lush tropical islands which require rain for the flora and fauna. It is very safe and there are great restaurants so no need for AI - would be a shame to miss out on the amazing local restaurants.
  7. How is Aruba towards the end of September? I'm thinking of going there around the 21st for five days but concerned about hurricanes/rain. Thank you!
  8. Aruba is always dry, never any rainy season! Went there for my honeymoon in September and it was as beautiful as when we go in the winter time! I've been going since I was nine years old with my parents and now my hubby comes too!
  9. Aruba is very safe for tourists, lots of great restaurants and some nice beaches. It's very breezy because of the trade winds so I ended up clipping my hair up or back most days. It's out of the hurricane region so you should be good in September.
  10. Aruba always has wind. Don't plan on fixing your hair anything special. I pull mine back no matter where I go on the island.
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