Anyone been to an outlet lately?

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  1. Going to S Florida on Thursday (Sawgrass). It's a bit of a drive for my family, so I'm wondering what might be currently in the outlets. Any ideas on styles that I might find? TIA for any help!


  2. Did you find anything exciting?
  3. Just came back from the Cabazon Outlet and they are having a 25% off sale!! Of course there is a line to get in but well worth the wait!!
  4. Any idea how long the extra 25% off sale is on for?
  5. I'd like to know this too. I was at one last weekend and it was packed! I only got one pair of flats bc it was so crowded. I'd like to go back. :smile:

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  6. It was 20% off today. I am sure the 25% pops up every few weeks.
  7. When I went I was disappointed by the lack of stock. I picked up a pair of flip flops, a pair of sandals, and a cardigan. I was looking for a pair of reva flats and a cute bag though. Don't go expecting to find certain items because you may end up disappointed however you will find other nice things to purchase.