Travel Anyone been on a cruise from Boston to Bermuda?


No such thing as too many
Feb 6, 2006
Well, I've done NY to Bermuda- in August. Aug-Nov is hurricane season, FYI. Though our captain advised that we were going around the storm and wouldn't be affected, we ended up right in the middle of it! There was $2M worth of damage to the ship. The ship rolled so far to the side at times that the lifeboats were touching the water. This lasted 12+ hours. When we got to Bermuda we were on the front page of all the newspapers! The happy ending was that they gave everyone on board free cruises. We used ours in the Caribbean- much calmer waters. :P Not so sure I would ever cruise the Atlantic again!


Mar 9, 2006
I haven't done that cruise, but I have been on a ship in the Atlantic & it can get VERY rough even outside of hurricane season. When we left Boston we were hitting 10 foot swells and I was seasick beyond belief, so imagine my surprise when the crew told us that 10 foot swells were considered a "2" on the bad wave scale. I was so happy I never had to experience anything above a 2!

For cruising, I like the Caribbean--much smoother waters!


May 7, 2007
^ Thanks jillybean.
I really want to go to Bermuda but I'm gonna have to rethink this now. I've been on a two cruises before and it's only been smooth sailing but I do get sea sick on sailing boats so this may not be for me.


May 17, 2010
My godparents did the NY cruise thing.. forgot if it was Bermuda or Bahamas... but it was the Atlantic anyway... :P there was so much winds and rain with 30 foot waves that the window to their's and some other people's cabins smashed!!! Water flooded in and their belongings were all drenched.

First thing my godmother did was grab their passports and wallets. My godfather- he grabbed the camcorder and started taping. :shocked: Needless to say my godmother did one of these :lecture: on camera...

At the end, they docked somewhere along the east coast to fix the damage and flew them back to NY.. free of charge and refunded. Because even though it was all fixed the cabin was all wet & my godparents didn't even want to be in the ocean after that.