anyone been hitting the sales?

  1. i went shopping in the sales today. got a few good things but when i got hime and reviewed everything i did think WTF.
    i bought 2 tops i dont think i will ever wear a skirt im taking back because i dont like the fit and some shoes i love but really cant justify keeping.
    but i did get a green V neck jumper i love and a cute little silk scarf.
    oh and some sexy red underwear for SOs benefit

    anyone get any good bargains? or made some bad desicions?
  2. I picked up two dresses at NM. They were an additional 30% off in store 12/26. One DVF and the other Tory Burch. I love them both and they fit me so well! I agree, there are a lot of good deals out there, but I need to keep perspective about what works for me and what I need rather than what I may only want and not use much.
  3. I got a pair of jeans...and now I am like EW and DH even said 'hmm...they really aren't your best pair' so we're taking them back soon. Ugh. LOL
  4. I got a couple sweaters on sale...
    I also got these jeans but they were still full priced. It's hard to find sizes at sales.
  5. got some stuff at Abercrombie, a coupe of T's, a camisole, a sweater and some PJ's. Thats it though. Went to TJ's but all I saw was some $20 cashmere sweaters (CHEAP quality cashmere tho :sad: ) and some outlet made coach bags, ick so yeah... :sad:
  6. Yeah - that cashmere at TJ's was pretty bad wasn't it! I ordered a few tanks/t's from BR online and some VS stuff as well - finally braved a couple of stores last night - my TJM was a mess - no good bags at all - got a cute pair of sterling earrings and a Lucky tank for $7 and a bunch of baby clothes for my friends new baby boy!
  7. yeah. cashmere is lovely....if its good quality...if not, your better off with high quality cotton.....
  8. I got an awesome scarf for $5.00 at Charlotte Russe :yes:
  9. I found my NYE dress at Zara's last night and found a cute pair of shoes there too (I hope they won't kill my feet, I've never worn shoes from Zara's before), got 3 cute wrap dresses from Filene's basement, and bought a bunch of tops from Banana Republic last week! I spent wayyy to much on myself this month
  10. WHAT??? Neiman had an additional 30% (not 25???)off during a specific time on 12/26???
  11. Got tons of stuff for my DH, cashmere scarf, cashmere sweater, peacoat etc. All great buys from Macy's, Saks & Nordy's Rack. I on the other hand got tons of stuff, most of it being full price at Nordstrom. Sigh.
  12. I got a bunch of sale items online from the Nordstrom site. I'm not really much a bargain hunter when it comes to stores though.
  13. Yes! I just got back from Zara with a simple shirt dress and it's really cheap! But nothing else caught my eye though.
  14. I went to a couple of stores but didnt buy anything. Will go again tomorrow though.
  15. My local Neiman's has an additional 30% off cashmere so I got a turtleneck and a divine black very chunky cardi.