Anyone awake?

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  1. I had a week from grades were due today...and I've been wanting a pretty color just this shade. :smile:

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  2. Oooh, I am awake. Unfortunately still on CA time rather than east coast.
  3. The "daily bag" in pale lemon! I love it! So versatile - shoulder, crossbody, even a foldover clutch! Love this!

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  4. I hope this one comes in fall colors because I wasn't into the neutrals it came in, and I know I'm going to want to use this style a lot!
  5. Very pretty and springy! Hope that made your day/week better :smile:
  6. Looks good on you congrats
  7. What a great color! Your cat looks like my cat her name is rusty lol
  8. Pretty bag. The doll looks skeptical.
  9. Love it and the color. Definitely thinking of getting one now. CONGRATS and thanks for posting !
  10. Great color. That should pick up your week, but may I match your cat on a bag with my cat in a bag.

  11. Super nice! Kitty wants you to keep it, he doesn't want you to put it back in the shopping back, LOL. I need to get one of these. I like how versatile they are.
  12. Adorable -- the kitty and the daily bag :smile:

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  13. Congratulations! It looks awesome on you! I am sorry to hear you had a terrible week, but I hope the bag cheered you up!
  14. Congratulations! It looks great on you! I hope it brightens your week.
  15. I love Coach's pale Lemon so much. I think the Daily bag is highly underrated! So, congrats and enjoy it!