anyone awake? look in here AARGH! SALE

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  1. net-a-porter
    sale is on
    "chloe" in search

    is anyone else awake?
  2. Definitely, it's 2.20pm here! Off to check it out now, thanks for the link.:tup:
  3. Wow, lots of nice things including Paddies and a cute Betty on the US site!

    Not a lot on the International site. :crybaby:

    Go get 'em, girls!!!
  4. hey cranky!
    are you sure? did you put Chloe in the search? it's not coming up under "sale" for me. Maybe your site will be updated today. Keep checking! Will they let you order from the US site?
  5. HOLY.....
    all the paddys are on sale

    omg the coats are to die for
  6. why are they having such huge sales???
  7. I dont see any sales for paddy... can someone be so kind enough to post a link? Thanks!
  8. just type in "chloe paddington" they should all come up!


  9. Thanks Juicyme! I just bagged that nutmeg paddington for US924!!!
  10. Do I need one? Geez! AR's Sale is coming up too.
  11. OMG, Now how the heck am I supposed to stick to a ban with this kinda sale???
  12. Nothing here!
    I am safe...
  13. I'm still safe too... but sales period is getting nearer :sweatdrop:
  14. Its the one I am eyeing too....MUST RESIST!

    Actually I ust checked and they sold out....Thank God its out of the equation!