Anyone attend/attended SUNY Albany??

  1. Hey all,
    I'm wondering if any of you have attended the State University of New York at Albany.. A friend of mine is choosing between this school and a few other state schools. She doesn't know much about this school, and I thought it would be a good idea to hear from those who have gone there or know a lot about it. Any thoughts or input from those who have experienced SUNY Albany? I have heard from some that it is known as a "party school" but from others, I have heard that it has great academics and programs. Perhaps they balance out the hard work with good parties? ;) All replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. yup! I went there for one year and then transferred... its def a party school! I was a bio major and had tons of work to do, so I couldnt deal with it. The would literally start partying on Tuesdays and it was like the weekend until Sunday night...

    I also didnt really like the atmosphere... no offense to people who live in Albany, but the hybrid neighborhood is not my thing. I like more suburban campuses.. or extremely urban.. that campus seems like a concrete prison to me.. no trees, only elevated highways as your view.. it was also always cold up there for most of the year and I couldnt deal with that.

    The academics were so-so,not so great.. thats mainly why I transferred.
  3. kiss me deadly, how did the parties affect your studies? Do you mean that it wasn't possible to avoid parties? :wtf: And where did you transfer to? Oh and how did you like the people there?? My friend is a bio major and very she's concerned about not being able to do well.. sorry for all the Q's!
  4. Never attended. :p
  5. I was about to apply but its the SUNY PARTY SCHOOL!, my friend is going there though. I heard its very secluded. A very good SUNY school is Purchase & Binghamton... New Paltz is okay,and Oneonta is in the middle of no where in a sceevy area.
  6. Well my roommate was a real partier and she had loud people in my room all the time and didnt really care that I was doing work.. and most of the people tat go there KNOW its a party school so only think about partying.. theres also over 30 bars around.. so its always noisy and makes you nuts when it comes to studying... and when I say "party" school its not like 'lets all drink jungle juice and talk loud"... its other substances as well...
  7. I currently go to school in Purchase, where I transferred to from Albany.. but not SUNY Purchase.. I go to Manhattanville. Purchase is great, a real artsy school... Binghamton is the 'best' supposedly SUNY aka smartest and hardest SUNY to get into...
  8. Omg..that sounds horrible... do you know anyone who went there who actually liked it, and i mean not for the parties but academically?? Albany seems like a good choice with its variety of accelerated degree programs, and the campus is actually a lot better looking than most of the other SUNYs. Thank you for your responses.. So far i've met only two people who liked Albany..
  9. My husband and I are both alumni of albany. I :heart: ALbany.
    I'm class of 04, he's class of 02.
    In terms of the drinking and partying it's all a matter of what you choose to do. Nothing says you hav eto drink, nothing says you have to go out to bars. It took me a few months to find a niche of friends who didn't find it fun to get $h!tfaced all the time. And once you find good friends your in good shape. BUt that can be said about anywhere.

    The other thing I noticed is that a lot of the sutdents there first year get crazy with the freedom that they have. and over that first year they get there stuff in gear, because they don't have a choice.

    IN terms of drinking and partying. I never drank in college. BUt I have to say college made me the person I am. ANd I have the best friends in the world I met in ALbany.

    The other thing is it's a diverse population of students, and a pretty good representations of religions so you also have that aspect that you rarely hear about.