Anyone asking for Hermes for Mother's Day or other special events?

  1. I'm thinking of asking DH and kids for this bracelet:

    along with a new lounge chair, I think I would be VERY happy! Can't have him knowing the price of the bags though:weird: Accessories are okay!

    Anyone else?
  2. Oh - I wish. I think I'll be buying my own MD gift!
  3. I never ask for anything. Usually, my hubby is amazing at listetning to me and then he just selects something that I mentioned previously or that he knows I'd really love to have.

    For the most part, Hermes is my own issue. Now that you brought it up...maybe he would do better than me at getting my birkin. As you all know, I have not done very well on my own.
  4. KB, you need some PF dust on you!!! I hereby sprinkle you with good luck Hermes dust***********There - you should have some luck now! Oh to have a DH who thinks of these things on his own -- actually I've trained the kids quite well and they will ask me and then I show them a page or something....some years I've gotten us all to Boston and shopped for the day which is fun! I've learned to be very specific w/DH so as to not be disappointed...
  5. same here
  6. I'm not yet a mother so according to my husband, I'm not yet eligible for Mother's Day LOL! Then, I told him that we are parenting insects that come to our flat!
  7. same here!
  8. Kelly - PF dust on you too! Good luck!
  9. "poof" sending some purse dust to KB!

    My Mother's Day gift is the 35 cm pumpkin currently sitting on my kitchen counter...
    And, this will count for just about every other holiday this year, too!
  10. Yup, I think I've got all the holidays covered for 2006. But I can always pre-buy for 2007!
  11. Lucky you. DH's definition for a Mother's Day gift is dinner out with the whole family.
  12. LOL La Van
    I'm not a mother either but I claim that I qualify as a doggy mommy since I do more for our dog than some mothers do for their children... LOL

    I'd definitely get something from Hermes since we are heading to Las Vegas for the mothers day weekend. I don't think it'll be a bag, but maybe a bracelet, or a scarf.... I actually have my eyes on a shawl..

    Wonder if anyone has one of those... and what they think about them.
  13. sounds like a good Mother to doggy day! Have fun!
  14. Shoes are you talking about the blue H bracelet?
    I like those bracelets too!!
    Perhaps in Yellow.... and the ones with the ribbon...
    I'm so indecisive. LOL
  15. Shoes, LaVan, and Greentea just rubbed that dust in that blew my way and I am hoping something will happen for me as well.

    If all goes well and pending no emergency issues at the home with three toddlers, I am taking the road to Hermes tomorrow. It is a drive, but maybe it will be my day. I am not expecting very much, but my goal is to have a nice chat with one or all of the SA's and possibly make some ground. It should be quite deserted due to the time of year. I hope to find out lots of info. about what is going on in my area and if a bag is at all a possibility out of that boutique. At the very least I will look at the leather volumes and have fun. Then, I can visit Ferragamo, Tiffanys, Chanel etc. It is nice just to see all the luxuries in life and all on one quaint street.