Anyone as crazy about Skull scarves as me?

  1. Thought you ladies might like to see just some of my many Alexander McQueen & Thomas Wylde Skull scarves, believe it or not I have more :yahoo:
    Anyone as crazy about these scarves as me? There just seems to be a scarf to match everything! I wear the small ones on my handbags.
  2. Love the pink and cream one! I have a blue one and love it very much :heart:
  3. My daughter has a few that we've picked up here and there (mostly eBay). I personally hate skull stuff, but as long as Nicole makes it look girly I dont mind...I just dont like it looking too hardcore...humor me, I'm old.
  4. Roz? I just made the connection! You are one of THE best eBay sellers...I bought several Chloe things from you in the always have wonderful items.

    How are the kids? Doing well I hope!
  5. I am not that young :roflmfao: I just love these as they are such delicate silk & I don't think they look hardcore at all. Remember age is a state of mind.

    P.S. Right now with my mum ill & me exhausted running visiting, I feel 90. Still put on my scarves & feel good:yahoo:
  6. AARRGGHH I love your collection. I only have the McQueen in lavander and grey, and I wear it all the time. I want more!
  7. Hi & thanks!!!! i think I know who you are :smile: Kids are great thanks, hope all well with you
  8. I love it!
  9. Roz, your collection is fabulous. I have the McQueen black/silver skull scarf and I adore it...

    I'm still kicking myself over the black/fuchsia one I let get away...I still dream about that one :sad:
  10. I really like the look on younger gals but at 50 I think that I should pass on the skull look. (hmmm....or maybe just small one somewhere....)
  11. Thanks & Oh yes I so agree i didn't keep a black/silver & I want it so bad also the black/fuschia :drool:
  12. I would be if I had the $$ for them lol I luurve skull stuff. I finally saw an AM skull scarf in NM and I had to be dragged away kickin and screamin :whistle:
  13. See I think this is one of the few skull pieces that any woman of any age can wear -- 15 or 50. I was in San Francisco walking around and went into Neiman's and saw one of the SAs with a McQueen scarf -- she had it tied around her neck with a cute boatneck dress in navy. However, she was well in her late 40s to early 50s and she looked chic and awesome.

    But then 10 minutes later, I saw a Muslim girl on the street using the scarf as a head wrap, which I thought was fabulous.

    I just think its about how you wear it.....
  14. Wow, your collection is stunning! I love the way the different colour combinations change the look of the print. From girly pink to hardcore b/w - they are all beautiful. I like the burgundy and cream combination, so classy and still the print is clearly visible. And I would love a small in light blue for summer...
  15. ^Clake, do you wear the skull scarves yourself?? I saw the display at the Alexander McQueen store and they had a blue skull scarf around the neck of the mannequin...I was just wondering if they actually look nice on guys.. You think..??