Anyone around to see my first Alexander Wang Rocco?????

  1. Thank you :smile: xo
  2. Thank you :smile: xo
  3. Thank you :smile: xo
  4. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag! Yes AW definitely knows his stuff :smile: I loveeee so many of his bags :heart: xo
  5. Thank you :smile:
    Yes the bag is heavy due to the leather and studs. I don't mind the weight as I think its worth it lol. This bag is very durable with thick leather and solid studs at the bottom as you can imagine where all the weights are coming from lol. I don't use it everyday because it's heavy. I also don't put to many things in it because it can get really heavy. The 2nd longer straps really comes in handy and takes a bit of the weight off your arms. Xo
  6. I'm thinking to get one too, but confuse whether I should get black or granite? Which one is nicer?
  7. Is the leather getting softer?
  8. Yes the leather is getting softer and also smell Gorgeous xo
  9. Personally I like black because I think it's easier to maintain. Also its classic and will never go out of style. Xo
  10. The rose gold is really beautiful. I love seeing real life pictures of them.
  11. Actually I like it soo much that I will be looking for the same one in Oxblood color - just recently bought LV Coppola in cobalt - but still love my AW! Anyone knows where to get a Daria in Oxblood? Last one sold on eBay last November...
  12. Hey, I just purchases a rose gold Rocco as well. I wanted to know how your bag is holding up ? I have not received my bag yet, but I have heard horror stories about the leather fading, and the edges of the bag peeling away. Have you had any of thses experiences with your bag as of yet ?
  13. Wow, such a pebbled beauty! My Diego is arriving today and I'm hoping she's as pebbly!
  14. This is a absolute stunner! Especially with the rose gold hardware! Lusting this bag!
  15. Absolutely stunning! So jealous of your recent purchase!!