Anyone around for a small exclusive reveal?

  1. Soooo, after an incident I had with my luggage, I thought I'd treat myself to a little thing...anyone around? I got a rain coat for my bag as it was raining hehe
    image-1604385919.jpg image-2354480123.jpg
  2. It's my first Gucci piece, now...this wallet is an 'exclusive' I was speaking to my SA in London and on a display was this beautiful plain leather wallet, I immediately wanted it! My SA said it was a trial piece that had just been sent in for display purposes, but after much he is!

    He's just so functional for what I want a wallet for, I love the fact it's like not plastered with 'Gucci' all over it, it has a simple hot stamp on the inside.

    Sorry about the photo quality, i used my iPad,
    image-3084565735.jpg image-1230426845.jpg
  3. So sorry again that it happened to you! This is a very nice treat! Many congrats & enjoy! :flowers:
  4. Aww thanks! :smile:
  5. Your little treat for a brokenheart is verrrryyy nice!! My brokenheart usually get only ice cream hahahaha... Enjoy the wallet ;)
  6. Sorry about your luggage problem :push:

    Congratulations, I like it - a lot :tup:.

    Would you mind sharing how much it was?n a couple of months it will be man-present time again :rochard::panic:
  7. Hehe, thankyou!
  8. Thanks! It was £180 plus VAT which is 20%, but I got that back for the tourist tax refund thing, so at the most it would be £216 :smile:
  9. ^ Many thanks MrLondonLV :flowers:
  10. What does it mean, a "trial piece"?
  11. A piece they were sent to trial on display to see if people like it or not - that's what my SA said, so basically it's not officially for sale, but I got it in the end hehe :smile:
  12. I think the small zip-round croc card holder was a trial piece.

    Sometimes they do special project pieces too, like a mini range in white croc and only for sale in one location.
  13. it looks utterly soft, congrats
  14. Sorry with what happened with your luggage! On the bright side, you were able to find a gorgeous pick-me-up! :biggrin:
  15. It's soooooo soft! Thanks :smile: