Anyone Around For a Reveal?

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous bag! Enjoy! Perfect for the summer
  2. Ha on your "how did that happen" but she was worth it!! LOVE both the color & the valentine collection with the pretty heart details/studs....CONGRATS!!:smile:
  3. Beautiful family photo; all three are absolutely gorgeous! 😍
  4. Oh, those little heart studs are just adorable! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bag, I love the colour, Alexander and the extra cute studs :tup:

    Lovely to see there are still classic Mulberry reveals :biggrin:
  6. Lovely collection! Congrats!
    I get the feeling 'I don't need another bag, my collection is complete now'. Biggest lie I ever told myself :P
  7. Congrats! I have a Valentines Lexi too. It's gorgeous bag! :heart:

  8. Congrats!! Love the pop of color and the little heart detail is super cute ️
  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments :hugs:

    Mulberrygal - there will only ever be classics bought by me; the new designs leave me cold!
  10. The Alexa's are always great ( in my eyes)! Congratulations....enjoy! ❤
  11. Wow! Such a beautiful bag!! Love it 😍
  12. it is a slippery slope indeed!! Beautiful bag, I have one too, the leather is lovely on them.

    Great little family you've got there.
  13. Congrats on your valentines alexa, it's such a beautiful bag and your Mulberry family is gorgeous. Mulberry is a slippery slope but it eventually gets better : )
  14. Lovely alexa, lovely family. Congrats and enjoy :yahoo:

  15. Gorgeous, love the colour and the Alexa is my favourite, enjoy xx