Anyone Around For a Reveal?

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  1. It's a slippery slope, this Mulberry lark :graucho:

    It started with my lovely oxblood Cara a few weeks ago and thought that would be it, I would be complete, I would never need another bag in my life.



    Any guesses?

    It's not new, it's pre-loved but is in fabulous condition. I got her from The Finer Things in Aberdeen - highly recommended by the way :smile:

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  2. I'm here!
  3. A live reveal! I'm here!
  4. A clue!

    Haha, sorry about the bright white, it was the flash on the dust bag!

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  5. Glossy goat lily of some Kind?
  6. Here!
  7. Valentine alexa in bright red?
  8. You are GOOD. I am impressed :biggrin:
  9. Valentine Alexa in glossy goat :love::love::love:

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  10. Half a point for getting the leather right :biggrin:
  11. Family shot :hbeat:

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  12. Beautiful. Congrats. The leather looks lush! :loveeyes:
    This lexie looks in excellent (almost new) condition. A good buy!
  13. Lovely family. Both are versatile bags! Like the French purse too!
  14. Thank you :smile:

    The leather is gorgeous, smells amazing. She's in wonderful condition; just a few tiny scratches on the postmans lock and the ends of the metal tabs but I probably would have done those myself the first time I used her anyway, as I managed to do with my Cara!
  15. Thank you! That was another "Oooh, how did that happen?" purchase :graucho: