Anyone, Anyone at all have the Highbury???

  1. I don't own it, but I like it. I have tried it on at the boutique. Seems like it would be a nice roomy shoulder bag.
  2. It's cute! I like the Knightbridge a little better personally, but I always choose handbags over shoulderbags. (I think it's a sickness)

    Have you decided against the Illovo or are you just considering other options? ;)
  3. I don't like it, I think it's the shape. For the money I would rather get something else.
  4. Well...These are the bags I'm thinking of: Illovo MM, Chelsea, Highbury (maybe not sure), then there's the new leather Onatah GM coming out in mid-Sept. which really confuses me...cuz I like big slouchy bags, but the price is a bit scary:wtf:

    I really want a nice size Damier shoulder bag though...Then I think of the Onatah GM :nuts:

  5. I have a Chelsea, which I adore! However, I don't know that I think of it as a shoulder bag/purse equivilant, if that makes any sense. It is definitely a TOTE bag. I mean, it's big. It's INCREDIBLE for work or travel, but it's too big for use as simply a "shoulder bag," in my opinion. Does that make any sense? :smile:
  6. I know...sometimes I kind of wish they only have a few styles. I would make it so much easier to choose! I want to get a Damier bag or 2 someday. I definatly want a Chelsea for when I travel, I'm also interested at a Papillion or a Ribera MM.

    I think with Onatah I would have to see it in person. I really liked the suede ones but because it's in leather it might not be as slouchy.
  7. I just ordered the chelsea since I didn't find any other shoulder bags in Damier that I liked. It is big but only slighly bigger than batignolles horizontal which alot of people use as an everyday bag. I will receive it this week sometime and I will post pics.

  8. See that's what I start thinking. I have the BH and LOVE it!!:love: So then I'm like...Hmm, well the Chelsea isn't that much bigger. So it may be a possibility??? Who knows? Ughhh....:Push:
  9. my mom ordered the highbury on elux and should be getting it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. she really fell in love with the style but might return it because it may not be big enough for her. i personally like the bag. it's a nice shoulder bag that isn't common. have you seen it in person?
  10. Ya, a few visits ago I caught a quick glance at it. Was about 3-4mons. ago. I didn't try it on cuz I was looking for something else at the time. I was like..."Oh...there's that one I had seen online..." I just seen it really briefly for all of 1 - 2 mins.

    I love the look!! So pretty!!!!!!! I just worry about the size.:sad: But, it's not too much smaller than the Speedy 30 which is 12"L x 8"H x 6.5"W. Which is plenty of space for me. The Highbury is 11.3"L x 9"H x 4.3" . Now that I think back about it...I remember thinking...("Whoa, that looks sorta big...") Hmm, maybe IT IS a possibility!?:wlae:

    Ok, I think I'm adding the Highbury as another bag to think about. ;)
    I wonder if you're able to get into and out of it easily? If the opening opens up wide enough for me...functionality is very important.

    Btw, Let us know how your mom likes her new Highbury. Her likes/dislikes....TIA! :smile:
  11. my mom's highbury (and my manhattan gm) is coming tomorrow according to the tracking info!! wahoo!! anyway, i'll post pics tomorrow evening and let you know what my mom thinks of the bag. i don't believe getting in and out of the bag is difficult. it has a zipper top and i believe it opens wide. i also think the bag looks better in real life than in pics. the only problem that my mom and i see w/ the highbury is that the inside of the bag is sectioned (as you can see from the sideview pic on elux). i think this really limits the amount of space inside because you can't put as much. :sad: i'll also try to take a pic of the bag w/ stuff in it so you can get an idea of how much can fit in it. i'll report back tomorrow night! :smile:

  12. WOOHOO!! It's exciting waiting for a package! LOL cking the tracking every other min. heehee! Yep, been there!

    If it's not too much trouble,...Can you also take a pic wearing it so I can see how big it is size-wise?? Btw, Thanks for taking pics!!!!!!!:yes:

    Ya, you're right about the side view..the way it's sectioned off in 2 parts. I hope this isn't a problem. :sad: I was cking out the sectioned view and wondering if my wapity would be able to fit in there??? Hmm...

    Well...I'll keep my fingers crossed that your mom likes it, and that it stays in my "possibilities list". heehee!:girlsigh:

  13. Well, I like the Damier, and I like the fact that it is a shoulder bag, but it just screams "mom" to me. My mom, circa 1980, owl glasses and all. It could just be a psychological thing for me, though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.:flowers:
  14. Heehee, Ok..taken with a grain. <Gulp!> :P