Anyone an MFT?

  1. I'm starting my master's program in marriage and family therapy and my school hasn't given me any information in terms of classes needed for the license and the practicum sites and hours. :shrugs: To my understanding, I need 3,000 hours total in order to apply to sit for the licensing exam, and I have to take about 5 or 6 specific courses. Can anyone tell me which courses those are? Also, I understand that part of my 3,000 hours can be individual counseling; how many hours can go towards the 3,000? If I join a 12-step program, can I count the meeting hours towards my 3,000? I've been trying to look up info online and am completely lost.

    Thanks!! :idea:
  2. This is state specific. Let us know what state you are in. Maybe someone can help.

    You can also call your local Assoc of Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT). It is THE trade association for shrinks.
  3. I'm in California. Thanks!
  4. You can find this info out on the CAMFT website. I am a PhD but have had MFTs as interns and used to be an examiner for the MFT orals.
  5. Do you have a Ph.D in MFT or Clinical? I want to get my doctorate in clinical psych after my masters.
  6. Do you know what starting salary is for MFTs? Is there a big difference in salary between master's and doctorate degree holders?