anyone an eyeshadow addict?!

  1. i'm turning into onee..

    since winter i've gotten three from laura mercier in greens, and 3 in purples from mac, another three purple from trish mcevoy, and today picked up for more from mac in blues and turqoise/green. and i want some greys from trish. I'm nuts! i really just want to do eyeliner with the shadows. anyone else love eyeshadow? its just so much fun!
  2. Ok....I have about $200.00 worth of eye shadow. Anything from MAC to the cheap Eye shadow you get in bulk with the little gift packages for like $10.00 at wal-mart around Chirstmas time haha. Heres the kicker, I NEVER wear Eye Shadow! I swear, maybe 10 times a year I will put it on, and even then its usually neutral browns. But yet, I keep buying.
  3. ^^i know right! I'm not really an eyeshadow person either, i just love having all these options for eye liners! i'm crazy.
  4. Yeah, I've got a ton...most Lorac as they really stay put on me and so easy to blend!
  5. Yup, I have spent millions over the years trying to find just the right "taupe..." Now Bibbi Brown has this great palatte of nudes, maybe I'll add it too the other million neutral browns. Lancome makes a beautiful gray....
  6. Me too! If I ever wear it, its usually browns but I just love all the pretty colours!
  7. I buy LOTS of eyeshadow and never wear it! I have a very minimalistic approach to eye makeup LOL (meaning I really don't know how to apply it). But I love looking around and spending money! lol
  8. Love love love eyeshadow...I have a bunch of palettes, but I only use like two colors!
  9. I have a ton of eyeshadow. I love it! Everytime I buy makeup, even if Im only going in for one thing, I end up with eyeshadow. Last week I went to shu uemura for foundation and came out with 2 eyeshadows as well, and I went to chanel for lipgloss and came out with another eyeshadow lol. I also have a ton I have picked up at random stores. I usually do wear all my eyeshadow unless I really dont like it on me. Right now there is only one I never wear because its too bright. I used to only have 2 color I would wear, but lately I have been spending alot more time at professional makeup counters and have (slowly) gained some eyeshadow tips threw that.
  10. haha, definately! I feel naked without eyeshadow lately. I have like 50+ Mac eyeshadows, it's so bad :/
  11. You wouldn't believe how much eyeshadow I have.
    I used to be able to justify it when I was freelancing on a regular basis, but now I buy it just because.
  12. I love eyeshadow! I have some really pretty palettes right now from Nars and Chanel. I need to focus on picking up bolder colors, though, since I'm falling into a neutrals rut. My quick makeup routine is eyeshadow (one light shade, one contour shade), Diorshow, and the lipstick of my choice (right now I love Dolce Vita by Nars). The only trouble with eyeshadow is that I hate to wear it when my brows are less than perfect, so if I haven't had the time or volition to go get them waxed, I skip eyeshadow.
  13. Love eyeshadows, recently I tried on a new shade for me by MAC..Stars N Rocket and I combined with my Chanel nude and a blue shade by Chanel as well..:heart:
    So far my favorite brand is Chanel, they stay longer with Urban Decay primer help.

  14. ^^pretty!
  15. *RAISES HAND* major shadow and cosmetics in general addict here :biggrin: MAC, NARS, MUFE, Napeoleon Perdis etc etc etc lol!