Anyone an Everwood Fan???

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  1. Hello gals!

    I am a huge Everwood fan. Keep Everwood alive by voting. Hopefully enough votes and they will renew it. go here to write emails to important execs. vote here and get Everwood to the #1 spot.,6115,1198063_3||233618|1_0_,00.html
    Vote on the Entertainment Weekly poll to keep one show that is ending.

    There is talk that since UPN and WB are merging to CW they may continue Everwood if we have enough outcry. :yes:
  2. I'm also a huge Everwood fan. It's one of the few shows that I pay full attention to. So glad for my Tivo, I'm having it record these last few episodes at high quality and not delete them automatically. I'm crossing my fingers that the CW will change their minds and bring it back at midseason or something. *sigh*
  3. Me too! Please go to the link and email the couple of high important execs with Save Everwood. This kind of fan support changed the stations mind about cancelling One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven. We really might get them to do one more season. :yes:
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