Anyone allergic to Vichy sun screens? Recommendations?

  1. I have always used Vichy sun screen as my friend is a Consultant Dermatologist & this is what she recommends. Well with the great sunny spell here this week I have been sunbathing but each evening my arms & legs have been itching so badly to the point that i have drawn blood scratching despite washing well! No point in having a great tan with scarred limbs from scratching!
    Has anyone else been allergic to this product & if so what have you used instead? I wonder why I have suddenly reacted in this way?
  2. Im no expert on the matter but could it be because you've been tanning? I sometimes get little bumps and itchiness-which I thought was from the lotion I was using but it turned out to be from the heat. This could be it, because you have never had any issues with it before?
  3. Thanks for reply noon but no it's not the sun, I never have any problem. Once I did get like a prickly heat abroad but again it was the lotion when I changed no problem.
  4. BagAngel, maybe you can try another brand of sunscreen and see if that alleviates your rash. Neutrogena creams are very gentle. Try those...
  5. Thanks Monsoon :smile:
  6. u can also try La Roche Posay instead. it contains even fewer ingredient than Vichy and so it is less prone to cause skin irritation :smile:
  7. Thanks Petrina, Vichy contains Mexoryl I think that is the protective ingredient that the Dermatologists recommend.
    Oh how I love Ambre Solaire oil, that smell brings me back LOL pity it is so dangerous now :smile:
  8. Well I proved today for sure that it isn't an allergy to the sun! No sun here but I tried a sample of Clarins Sun tan cream factor 20 & sure enough tonight my arms are going crazy with itch! Now to try to find the guilty ingredient it's not mexoryl as none in Clarins.
  9. welcome :smile:

    hmm can u do a skin patch test kind of thing at a clinic or hospital? so that u do not have to skin test yourself with different product

    twice i had allergy many years ago. after many visits to different doctors and medication i was still suffering the itch. but thank goodness after months the allergy just subside on its own. to this day i still do not know what cause my allergy sigh