Anyone after the zip purse in chocolate?

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  1. I have stumbled across an absolute bargain online! The current season zip purse in choco at half price. Let me know if anyone is interested.
    I would have it myself, but I already have the same purse in oak. Multiple purses in the same colour is just not my thing when there are so many others around!
  2. Oooh... yes please. I'm in the market for a new purse right now? Where did you see this? Is it in perfect condition? Thanks
  3. It is new at an online boutique in the UK.
  4. I think Flyvetjo might be after one of these. Could you PM her, on the off chance?

    Nice to have you back, Keri, haven't seen you around for a while ;)
  5. hey girls they must have flown out like hot cakes all gone -did anyone manage to get one? it has disappeared it was online at van mildret i'd gone to get my card to order and when i returned to the pc no longer available doh xx :crybaby:
  6. Does anyone have the link as I`ve googled it and can`t find it :sad:
  7. i put mulberry chocolate zip purse in the google bar it must be a new online uk site i have never come across it before x
  8. it comes up with x
  9. ^^^ I did that and it came up with this page :lol:
  10. vanmildert even i must really learn to spell haha :nuts:even so either way gone gone gone xx
  11. try again honest it works x
  12. Thanks - Will just have a quick look to see what they have !!!
  13. ^^See, I did not put the site info in the forum because I was hoping a regular might be able to PM me and get it!!!
    Next time I guess I will just PM everyone individually!
  14. Oh yeah didn`t think of that :upsidedown:

    Morning Keri :P

    My Dh always says that I have to make everything hardwork
  15. ooh- I'm after the small zip purse in choclate!!!