Anyone after Agyness?

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  1. Shepton has had some Agyness bags in. Last night they got a large one in coral in. It's £556. They've also got two of the smaller size in raisin.
  2. I am completed intrigued with the raisin color! Is it a purple/brown?? SOunds really nice and versatile. Must be thinking about the Hermes raisin color. Dangerous....
  3. It's a warm mid brown, kind of like a dark cappucino or mocha. It's a bit like the colour of a Galaxy milk chocolate bar.
  4. Sounds yummy!!!
  5. is an agyness hand held or shouder bag?
  6. Alison, I think its a shoulder bag.

    Raisin sounds yummy!!
  7. I rang shepton but the raison is 486.....even in the sale....dammmm
  8. They're current season bags so they'll hold their price. What's interesting though is that each time I go to Shepton there's an Agyness or two so they're not flying off the shelves. I wonder how popular the style has been.
  9. I havent actually held one so dont know how comfortable they would be. They seem oddly cheap on ebay. I wonder why , apart from the rose, they have vanished from the website to be replaced by the poppy perhaps.
  10. I think they have started to be faked already.
  11. I love the rose coloured one. Has anyone seen this in shepton or any of the outlets? When I phone the outlets they always stress they do not have current styles. Shepton also seem to always have the coral, black and rasin and never the rose.

    Yes, ebay is full of fake rose agyness's. A lot also have the matching purse. They always state how together the two retail at just below £1000, yet they always sell for about £350 - £400.

    Has anybody seen the small wallet (as on the mulberry website) at shepton or the outlets? I'm looking for either a black or chocolate one. Thanks
  12. Chinesegem - they had the wallet at Shepton but if I remember right it was in raisin. You're right about the rose - I haven't seen it at Shepton yet in any styles. The dark pink has just started to come through but not the rose.
  13. I'd love an Agyness bag in black. I've wanted a fabulous black bag forever!!! I think the Agyness would be lovely, but I'm not sure if it comes in black.
  14. Yes it does. I've seen the smaller size at Shepton in black. They also had it in chocolate.
  15. Thanks SJ. Will have to give them a call tomorrow about the wallet. I recently bought the alana wallet in black and chocolate, to return one. But I still haven't decided which I want to keep. Might have to return the chocolate one to buy the raisin small wallet. Is raisin closer to chocolate or oak? I know it's popular, but I'm not a fan of oak.