Anyone after a red/cream CB pochette?

  1. I've got my eye on that one...they're so hard to come across.
  2. I think the price is very fair!:yes:
  3. I want it but I am kinda broke :sad:
  4. lv_obsessed, there's a brown one on ~ ~ Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller at the moment. The BIN is quite cheap, 309,99 $ - if you don't mind patina, then that's a good deal.
  5. This bag is on my wish list. It's so pretty, I think it would make a great evening bag!
  6. we can buy from the website ??? Oh ..I want it..
  7. One of the blossoms has some slight peeling :sad: otherwise I would've been jumping on it lol
  8. It is definitely a great evening bag! It is my favorite bag to take out to bars, etc. I took mine out last Friday night and got lots of compliments. You should definitely get it :yes:
  9. I've seen many go for at least $100 less than that, in similar if not better condition! I got mine for a mere $360 last winter off ebay :smile: If you're patient and know what to look for, you can find better deals on CB items by not relying solely on MP sellers. Also, this one went for just $280 recently! :wtf:
  10. WOWSA...that is cheap...exactly what I'm looking for LOL

    I keep checking several times a day...waiting for the deal of the century lol

  11. OMG wow!!!:nuts: Have to keep our eyes peeled for good deals like that!!!

    Those red/cream ones usually go for HUNDREDS more...:wtf: