Anyone after a new life? There's one on sale on eBay!

  1. that's really funny. i'm tempted to bid, but I'm still pretty satisfied with my current life. Plus, it doesn't look like he's into purses and that's a dealbreaker.
  2. :nuts: Haha too funny..nice abs though. I wouldn't mind having those!
  3. Seriously hilarious - wonder though if the winner will actually go for it and pay as well - the bid is at 60,000 Aus Dollars - phew.... not bad, may look into that one....
  4. I think this is strange, Am I the only one?:confused1:
  5. :roflmfao: i'd have less money for bags and other fun stuff. and besides I don't drink beer and am not into the ladies that way!!!!

    Good luck to the winning bidder (i think!!)

    Hilda :smile:
  6. Hehee... sure is strange. It might be a gag or a publicity stunt. There's been a few of these... Don't know if the buyer has to actually go through with it. Did you all see the bidder's list? He's cancelled a few of the bids.
  7. I checked it after see your thread, oh ( damn )... Sell his life?? Anyway, I notice much people interest even there's woman who asking about dating with his mate :biggrin: funny...
  8. Anyway, is it legal to sell life on eBay? Just want to know
  9. It's more of an identity than a life... anyway, they're filming a documentary?? Now that would actually be interesting!

    hmm.. he's got his myspace page address posted!
  10. Apparently the winner will have to go through with the bid, at least. The seller has been cancelling any bids that are not legit.
  11. Seriously if the winner goes through with the whole 9 yards, hands down to him/her cos that's an expensive identity. I would give it benefit of the doubt considering some casino bought a ghost and cane for $xxxxxxxxx.
  12. That is so funny & totally crazy, wonder what it's about. Does anyone remember there was a nuclear submarine advertised once LOL it was taken down i think!
  13. insane! :roflmfao: now im thinking of selling my life too... hihihi!!!! includes a 7month old baby and a wife beating husband! haha! just kidding