anyone adopted from a foreign country?

  1. What are some of the challenges once the child has arrived? I would love to hear about anyone's experience.
  2. Nope, but I would love to adopt one day!
  3. I know several adults that were adopted when they were young, and from foreign countries... I don't know much about it, though... so I can't offer much insight there. And I'm sure a lot has changed between then and now regarding international adoption.
  4. My little cousin was adopted from Taiwan. My aunt and uncle (now divorced) hadn't been able to have kids naturally. He was such a cute kid! Then they did have two kids naturally. And out of the three kids...HE was the only normal one! LOL

    Granted, I don't know if he felt any kind of weirdness at school or anything. But in the family no one treated him any differently. He's my cousin no matter his nationality. :smile: Plus, I also have two other cousins who are 25% Japanese. We're a pretty multi-cultural family.
  5. I know of no children that have been adopted.
  6. Are you thinking of adopting? I would love to adopt one day too. I want to have 2 kids of my own and be able to adopt others. =)
  7. Problems? Well, you have to accept the fact that if you adopted a child overseas who’s already a KID, then he/she might already adopted the culture of the country he/she came from.

    Also, some certain questions like “why I’m so different with you, Mom & Dad?” is such a heartbreaking question…
  8. My husband is adopted. He met his biological parents when he was 26. They had gotten pregnant while in college and his mom was sent to a home for unwed mothers. They never married. Thankfully, he has a great relationship with them now.

    He was adopted at 2 months old to a wonderful young married couple who hadn't been able to have kids for 7 years. When he was growing up, he was a pretty defiant teenager and young adult. After he met his bio parents, it kind of completed him and calmed him down. He said when he saw his mom for the first time he looked into her eyes and saw his eyes.

    He is, however, fighting me on having kids. He worries that something may happen to us and we wouldn't be able to take care of a child. I'm not sure if he will ever change his mind.

    Anyway, that's my story.
  9. Depending on the age you get the child, there can be developmental problems. Many kids in foreign orphanages spend the bulk of their time without stimulation-they're just lying in their cribs for the vast majority of the day so there can be learning problems, delayed walking & speaking, etc.

    There are dozens upon dozens of great books out there on foreign adoption. If you want some titles, PM me, I keep a list of books that I think are particularly good (most are for Russian/Slavic East adoptions), but I can find others if you have a specific country in mind.
  10. I already have two children and don't want to have any more naturally. However, I have been thinking about adopting a child from Africa. I know many people say why can't you adopt a child who needs a home from this country, but that is not what is really speaking to me. I almost feel a calling to take a child in as my own. I just want to familiarize myself with it before making any decision. My husband does seem somewhat open to the idea, but not nearly as drawn to it. Obviously, this will be a joint decision we both 100% agree on.
  11. This is definitely true. My cousin adopted a 6 year old from Russia and they are working very intensely with her because she is having a lot of trouble learning math and reading. They have already held her back in school one year and they have been thinking about holding her back for another.
  12. Oh-another good one is:
  13. thanks for the information.