Anyone addicted to this website?

  1. I have been addicted to this site ever since I found it :yahoo: My hubby can't stand seeing me on the computer anymore. Anyone else addicted to TPF?
  2. Yup! I had 3.5 hours of sleep and have been awake for 15 hours, worked today, and went to school. I am currently on the phone, BUT I MUST BE ON TPF.
  3. I get addicted when I know I am going to go shopping soon for a new purse lol. I have to see what everyone else has purchased, and that is usually around PCE time. I am always on here!
  4. I just discovered this forum a few days ago and now i'm on it any chance I get. Its been a great resource for bags i'm already into and bags I didnt even know about. So yes...i'm addicted.
  5. Yeah, I actually had to stay away for a month or so just to break "the need". Now I'm coming back s-l-o-w-l-y.
  6. definetly! although the board has been a little slow this wk
  7. TOTALLY!!!! I LOVE this board....GREAT group of people!
  8. That's what makes this board so different, the great loyal people you see every day!

    I think my post counts says that I am quite addicted... =D
  9. I'm addicted because I lurked so long before I posted-but iy was a sale that drew me. Otherwise, when I have down time, this is my first stop:tup:
  10. Noooooo... :angel:
  11. yes. it has ruined my life. hahhahah. i spend way too much time on here.. it's sad.
  12. Hello my name is LInda and i TPFaholic. YEs very very addicted to this website.
  13. Oh hell no. Just because I come here once in a while does not mean I'm like addicted or anything. That's just crazy talk. I could stop coming here any time I wanted to. No really. Look, I don't care whether you believe me or not. I know I could. Oh yes I could, you can just stop shaking your head like that. And let me tell you something else. Just because I come here doesn't mean I post any messages. Maybe once in a while, I might post a small one if its' like a holiday or something. But I am NOT addicted so stop saying that. I could stop, but why should I just to prove something to you? You've already got your mind made up, already judging me. What are you going to do next, click my name and start counting my posts? What? Oh on the left? By my name, really? It is not. Aw, crap, whose idea was that? Well whoever it was it really sucks because it is wrong. I have not posted anywhere near that many messages and even if I had that doesn't mean I couldn't stop coming here. Because I can. Anytime I want to. I don't care what you believe.
  14. OH YES! Every since i found this site im on it 24/7 even if I dont post i just look around!
  15. Not quite addicted (I've been staying away for a while because I'm unemployed and seeing everyone's new bags just makes me a little sad because I can't buy any right now :crybaby:), but I do enjoy this forum! :tup: