Anyone actually wear their Neverfulls inside-out?

  1. So, predictably late in the game, only now do I find out that the Neverfull is reversible. I read Vlad's blog on it- it looks so cute! But is it actually meant to be reversible? And do any of you actually use it that way?
  2. I don't htink it's reversible.... Doesn't it have that patch-flap-pocket? how do you reverse that? :confused1:
  3. I wouldn't reverse it because the inside would be the canvas and I wouldn't want to scratch or damage it.
  4. if i have one i wouldn't do that. :smile:
  5. I have one and have not done that. Don't believe I would because of the interior pocket.
  6. It might be shown as being reversible but it's not recommended. I wouldn't either...besides the handles being in the wrong spot, the pocket would be hanging out. I wouldn't want that.
  7. Hi,
    I've ever checked with the SA abt this and they told me the design is not meant to be reversible...

  8. I wouldn't want my stuff scratching the inside of the reversed bag...because then the mono canvas may get damaged.

    Not to mention constant reversal may speed/cause cracking of the canvas.
  9. I have the GM, and use it to tote around tons of stuff...although it looks neat inside out, I dont think it was made to be carried like that!
  10. Exactly, that's what I was thinking...I guess it was just a funky shot they took for a cool photo but it's not actually a feature that is meant to be used. Thanks everyone!
  11. I don't thinkt he purpose of the neverfull is for it to be reversable - even though it was displayed like that at a number of Louis Vuitton stores. ...I think I'd actually giggle if I saw somebody carrying it inside out - like the Coach bags that they said were reverable...
  12. ^^ Ita!
  13. I saw someone on the street carrying it inside out, it looked alittle silly. But I do love the lining.
  14. I just got the MM and the SA told me I can wear it inside out, then she tried in front of me and other customers were like :wtf: I really love the inside lining but also concern about the pocket, it may look very silly though~
  15. I also love the lining, but my concerns are the same as everyone else that has already posted. It is just an evil temptation a cute lining that wants to be reversed but shouldn't be! LOL!