Anyone Actually in the BAG Biz?

  1. Just outta curiousity...

    Of all the obessive bag lovers in tPF, is there anyone actually in the biz? Or planning to go into the industry? :graucho:

    Cos I mean... with all the "technical expertise" going on in this forum, I think a lotta peeps here are more than equipted to work in the biz. Then again, I suppose we all hafta do actual work to pay for our obession!
  2. I did a summer internship at Gap Inc. under Banana Republic. I can tell you some little tidbits about the bags there, including the fact that the leather they use is from the same exactly supplier to Prada/Chloe, etc. Its literally the same leather.
  3. That's a great question. I'm curious as well.

    kat99-Thanks for the info about the leather. that's good to know.
  4. I am in the business. I mostly read here and very rarely post. I have also never solitited business here. I am not here to gain your business but to follow the trend in my business.
  5. And no, handbags_4u is not my website. "Handbags" or "4U" is not even close to my companies name and not in the name.
  6. I actually own an advertising agency, and have comtemplated opening a handbag store. A good friend of mine owns a high end shoe store, and will from time to time carry an occasional handbag if it catches her eye--I've always said that if I can get the agency running, where I don't need to be here everyday then I would venture into that, and have actually talked to a couple of friends about partnering with me. So to answer your question, no, but it is on my "to do" list!
  7. This forum must be like a godsend, especially for Marketing Research purposes. :yes: At least it helps me with ALL my research for bags :love:
  8. I do have a website selling handbags and vintage designer handbags....and as well as just enjoying the company is a great place to follow trends!!!
  9. that is good to know, but I suspect that like many other companies usign the same supplier, the difference is in the quality that the 'high end' company is prepared to accept.

    In the UK we have a high street shop called Marks & Spencer (I'm sure most have heard of it as it is a bit of an institution) they only carry their 'own label' but of course someone has to make all their products. they use the same supplier as lots of other stores, but they will only accept the 'top of the range' best quality, where as their cheaper competitors, whilst still using the same supplier, go for a cheaper version. Same supplier, not same quality.

    I'm not saying its the same with Gap vs Prada, but I would hazzard a guess that it is.
  10. I'm not in the business, but the owner of Ann's Fabulous Finds and Rebecca Minkoff are both members here. (which is pretty cool, btw!)
  11. We actually have a lot of designers here:yes:
  12. I'm an assistant handbag designer (for now.. just got out of school recently) and I do my own bags on the side and custom orders for people.