Anyone able to tell me more about a bag - Chanel "Camera Case" - 94305 Black , etc.

  1. Greetings,

    I'll go ahead and get the easy stuff out of the way first; I know it is authentic as I was on the trip when it was purchased.

    I've done the reading in your other board sections and found that it is a 2005-2006 based on the "10" being the first 2 digits on the hologram/card.

    My problem now is that I can't find the retail price anywhere, and I can't find anyone on eBay or elsewhere with the same bag.

    All of the info on the tag is as follows:

    05A A30036Y01480
    Camera Case



    It is black, with vertical white stiched pinstripes and a silver chain that has a grey ribbon threaded through it.

    I've attached a horrible photo, which is part of the reason I'm looking for more info. I'm debating parting with it, but my camera skills leave much to be desired.

    The only thing that could be making my life more difficult is that there were a dozen or so bags purchased, and as we were playing around there is a small chance I have the wrong tag with this bag, which could be adding to my frustration. The auth card matches the hologram and everything, however. No worries on the authenticity side, just on finding out if the bag is popular, etc.

    Any info would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  2. The madamoselle(sp?) line...
  3. I looked through the reference thread here but didn't see this bag/purse/camera bag ;)
    Any item #'s or other info (Or link in the forum?) to something I can point to and say, "Oh, it's that bag"?
  4. It IS the Mademoiselle ligne for sure, they have changed the chain from time to time.
  5. Yes, it's the Mademoiselle Lambskin Camera Bag. I had one for about 2 days, it was too small for me. Retail was about $1850-$1895, but that was for the Mademoiselle with updated chain. Let me see if I can find pictures of the one I returned.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Many thanks to all!

    I think it is that exact one, but one "model year" back (Shows how much I know ;) ) ('05 '06)

    I'm going to list it on eBay, at a list price of that much I can't let an unused bag just sit around my house.

    Thanks to all - and thanks to being friendly to a stranger - don't know if you all are from the South (Like me), but it's rare to find the old "Southern Hospitality" on forums anymore - thanks for still keeping it alive here :heart:

  8. Best of luck! It's a great bag.:yes:
  9. Well, a little disappointing results to report.
    Had it listed at $899 opening bid, and had around 20 watchers at the end, but no bids. I think listing it to end on the Easter Weekend was a mistake.

    Just to make sure I'm not over-valuing, is $899 too much for this NWT?
  10. </ignorance> ;)
  11. no probably not too much, but it's Easter and Spring Break time for a lot of people. Try, try again:yes:

    yes, I'm from the South but the Chanel Ladies are very hospitable!
  12. Thanks for the advice - and much TX :heart: here !