Anyone able to help me find an Anthracite Money Wallet?

  1. I've been calling stores all around the nation but I havent had any luck yet. I've also been checking the bay constantly, but if anyone sees something could you please let me know I'd really appreciate it:tup:
  2. You should try Aloha Rag! They had one about a month ago - maybe it's still there :tup:!
  3. are you in the States? saw one in toronto today.. but not sure if they do phone orders.. i'll check for you.
  4. That's unfortunately gone, I have been searching for the Anthracite also and Aloha gave me their inventory and the Money had already sold a couple of weeks ago. The only one I have come across is on an eBay store and overpriced link here

    It's funny, I saw a couple early January and thought it would be easy to find a match for the First I picked up. But no joy.

    Good luck, I know one will come along soon.

  5. Hey guys. I called lots of places over the phone and no one had one...but I ordered a Plomb one from Barneys NY and its being shipped! :yahoo: so yayayayaya thanks to everyone
  6. plomb would be an awesome alternative
    can't wait to see some pictures!
  7. I wish I would have read this forum earlier and saw you replied, starrie; I ordered it from Barneys yesterday! But I guess me and the Anthracite weren't meant to be, I'm still beyond excited for my Plomb!! IT'S MY VERY FIRST BALENCIAGA ITEM :wlae:

  8. I'm still interested :smile:

  9. went in and checked, they only do phone orders with clients who have previously shopped with them before. and the price's so much higher here in canada. i wish i'm in the States. :push:
  10. What's the store name?

  11. Starrie, can you PM me some details? :smile: