Anyone able to buy sold out items at the flagship store?


Oct 4, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
Hi - there are several LV items on my wish list that are listed as "call for availability" online. I am going to Paris later this year, and have purchased items from the Champs-Elysee store before. Has anyone had success buying sold out items in the flagship store?


Jun 15, 2008
North Pole
Online availability does not reflect actual stock for the region as online store is treated as a separate retail door compare to other brick and mortar stores. So in short, online has its own stock and stores have their own allocated units as well. A "call for availability" doesn't necessary mean the item is sold out for the region. What you can do is to contact France's customer service and see if they can locate the item for you, or can connect you to the store as see if the SA there would be willing to charge your card and hold for pick up until you visit Paris. There's no guarantee that the item you want will be waiting for you until then unless you paid for it.