Anyone a saver? (not hoarder)

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  1. Does anyone buy something new that they absolutely love and then not use or wear it? I'm not talking about hoarding junk. I'm talking about an incredible item of clothing or a handbag and then not use it cause they don't want to mess it up. I have such nice things that I save for "good" whatever that is. Then, sadly they go out of style :sad:and are no longer the "it" item of the moment. I'm trying hard to break this bad habit. Any tips?
  2. Try to live for now and not the future. we never know how long we have on this earth.
    The things you buy do you no good sitting on a shelf or on a hanger. ;)
  3. I do this. Mostly I buy nice stuff and don't want to wear it when my kids are around and since they are always around (kids are funny that way), I rarely wear the stuff.
  4. I used to do this. Like buy a brand new outfit and "save" it for a special occasion, to the point where it sits in the closet for weeks and months. One day I just realized- what am I saving this for? I could be gone tomorrow and have a closet full of clothes that all still have their tags on them. Thats just sad! Im never going to be the kind of person who buys something and wears it out the next day but Im better about realizing that theres no reason to wait to use something/
  5. Sometimes, yes. I'm really cutting back on that now, and getting rid of stuff I don't wear or use anymore.
  6. Yes, but 2008 has been the year I've either a given away, sold or made myself use those things. I'm also not buying things that look like they might end up "NWT" on *bay. I'm trying to save myself the aggravation of "saving" nice things by really thinking about it before buying it.