Anyone a Night Person???

  1. I seem to function more at night.. I get more energy at night and get things done. I hate waking up early in the morning... Anyone else feel the same way...
  2. uh.... yes!! it seems to be a terrible curse because i sleep at 2-3 usually when i dont go out and have to wake up 6-7...i dont like taking naps because i cant wake up lol and im just a bloody sleep deprived person the whole week......weekends *loves* because i get like 13 hrs of sleep
  3. OMG I feel the same way... When the weekend comes I just crash!! And sleep like 14 hours lol.... last sunday i woke up 5pm:nogood:... I really do need to change my sleeping cycle....
  4. i am. definitely. i just don't start functioning well until, at the earliest, 5pm. so i get my work done at night, stay up late...and get up wayyy too early (bed by 6, up by 9). sleep deprivation sucks, however.
  5. :wtf: Dont you get tired throughout the day.... Sometimes I skip some of my college classes because of being sooo sleepy!!
  6. oh yes.

    but the thing that drives me CRAZY is that i'll be sitting in class, ready to pass out, and totally not paying attention to the lecture...and the whole time i'll be thinking "as soon as i get home, i'm crawling into bed". but the minute i get home, i'm full of energy again. i don't get it.
  7. OHH man i could totally relate.. This happens to me too.. I cant really explain it.. And if i don't have classes the next day sometimes i wake up like 4pm which is really bad.. i feel like a bum doing that:sad:..
  8. I am definitely a night person. I could(and have) slept all day and stayed up all night. I hate those early mornings. I enjoy waking up at 11am at the earliest. Those 6am and 7am mornings are rough!! Definitely not a morning person. And I can totally relate with sleeping until like 4-5pm and feeling like a bum, I hate doing it, lol. A few times, I didn't get ready for the "day" until around 9pm at night, but I have gotten out of that habit for the most part,lol!! A few times, I only get about 2-3 hours of sleep, that's tough!! But most of the time, I try to get at least 7 hours.
  9. I'm a night person too. I try so hard to make it to bed at a decent hour but it never happens. I stay up late doing homework. I can't get anything done if I try to start it before 9 pm.
  10. I'm such a night person. If I let myself, I'll be sleeping at 4-5-6 am (PST) everyday. I hate waking up early and can't function in the morning. Poor DH sleeps by himself most of the time.....

    When I was going to college I was relieved that I was able to take night classes. Thank God for those and was able to get my degree. Hence, higher earning capabilities and can totally afford luxuries ( LVs and Balenciagas)!
  11. LOL.. you're funny.. My mistake was taking morning classes and cramming 4 classes in 1 day.. What a big mistake.. I go only Mondays and Wednesdays but its from 7 am to 7pm:throwup:... 2 hours of free time between each class... YUK
  12. I work the night on my days off, I'm up all night just about. Guess thats why I'm on tPF till all hours of the night:p If I happen to get up early for some weird reason. :weird: ....its hard for me to get back on my time schedule, especially when I'm on vacation time.
  13. I'm also a nightperson, so I have tremendeous trouble going to sleep at a decent time every night. Not to mention it is pure hell to get up in the morning!
  14. Yes, yes, YES to being a night person. I pat myself on the back if I get in bed by 4 a.m. (How pitiful is that??)
  15. Prince - next semester, you've got to take night classes. They're scheduled 6-9 pm and some are 7-10 pm and you only go once a week per class if it's a 3 unit class. For my 5 unit classes, I took them in the afternoons, after noon, LOL! Some classes were unavoidable to NOT take in the mornings. Guess who was absent a lot?