Anyone a flight attendant?

  1. I am thinking about becoming a flight attendant, anyone have any suggestions or is anyone a flight attendant? I am seeking a new direction in my life & this sounds like an exciting career.
  2. The airline biz is a VERY tough biz to be in right now. My neighbor was a FA for 18 years. She was forced to retire recently due to the airline having financial problems. The airline she worked for went bankrupt due to 9/11 and the government took over their pension plan. She has lost half her pension now too. I think its a fun job if you do it short term, or maybe if you work for a Canadian airline. But in the USA, the pay is low and you have to deal with crazy and rude people. Tough job.
  3. Just thinking about doing it for a year so that I can travel

  4. I used to be a flight attendant. It was a year of my life that I really enjoyed, learned a lot about myself and other people. I did not have a boyfriend/spouse at the time, and I think that would have been hard. I saw some of my crew members miss out on things like first steps, graduations, etc because of a trip they got put on while "on call" I am not sure how long you are on "reserve" status with most airlines today, but whomever you interview with would have that info. You do need to be willing to move to where the airline needs you -usually a base of theirs. Unless of course you are already in a city like Atlanta, Boston or New York (depending on the airline)
  5. The travel industry in general is a very difficult one to work in these days. My sister is a travel agent with 10 years of experience in corporate/business travel (as opposed to leisure/vacation type). She worked for 9 years, with an employer she loved working for, and was really respected at work, and was a "go to" employee. I could see her becoming a manager there.

    With travel being altered so much by 9/11 and with the mass use of online booking, a lot of agencies either get swallowed up by larger ones, or just close altogether. After 9 years, her agency, a very well-known, big-time agency at that, just told everyone they lost their corporate accounts, and to search for new jobs. She now has a new position doing the same job, but for less money and with a company she doesn't like nearly as well. And new opportunities are nearly non-existent, at least at a decent salary. She does still get travel perks, but even those have decreased.

    I am not sure how much the flight attendant industry has been affected recently, and if it's similar to what my sister has had to endure, but I am sure it's more difficult now than in the past. Good luck if you decide to pursue it, I do think it would be a very rewarding and educational experience, if things work out for you...........
  6. I'd love to be a flight attendant's actually my dream job. ;)
  7. If it's your dream job or at least a next step in your career, go for it! One of my brothers did this for years and loved it. He's actually now on track to getting his commercial pilot's license! Once it's in the blood, it never goes away :yes: .

    It is HARD work. You are doing customer service with a captive audience in a tiny tube and are expected to do anything from be a bartender to save people's lives in a crisis. My heart goes out to those who have perished in the line of duty trying to get passengers calm and all the heroes and heroines out there. This is slightly OT, but my bro was one of the first to get back in the air as a FA after 9/11 and the passenger demeanor was NIGHT AND DAY.

    He loved the idea of not knowing exactly which city he was going to be in day to day. It's a long road building up seniority too! He was willing to locate wherever needed and that's a huge plus (and necessity I'm sure).

    Sorry for the ramble, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of posts and other resources to pursue this! Good luck! :flowers:
  8. I was a flight attendant for 9 years until I got married this year. It was some of the best years of my life. I worked for an Asian airline with bases in Vancouver and Toronto. Our airline is doing very well (privately own, no layoffs, consistent expandsion, profit sharing for the past few few years). All this comes with a price. You have to work very hard b/c it's a very demanding comapany. You get graded on your safety,service,team work, and grooming each flight. If you don't meet the stardard you will be disceipline.

    The life style is very fun and exciting when you are young but it's very hard to settle down whey you are flying. That is why I had leave the job when I got married. I still miss it very much.

    If you are up to this demanding job PM me and I will give u the company info. I think they are recruiting in TO right now.