Anyone a fan of Clio Blue jewelry?

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  1. Just reminiscing here.
    I remember them from years ago, when they had a few boutiques in the US. I stopped at their boutiques in Las Vegas and the outlet, too. I miss visiting their stores. :cry: I know they're online, but it's so much more fun to see things in person. They are on the pricey side, but very unique in the designs.

    They're based in Paris, France and apparently have lots of fans in Asia.
    The reason why I loved their line was because of the fish motif used in many pieces at the time.
    Most of the line was in sterling silver, but some was in gold, I believe.
    So cute!

    When I get a chance, I'll post a few pictures of what I have.
  2. Hi shiba_inu,

    I have collected a few pieces of Clio Blue. I'm from Canada and I found the items in a boutique in a very popular vacation spot. I love their bracelets and yes, they do have the little fish motif on them!
  3. Hi 4everonwaitlist,

    Glad to see someone else here who knows this line.
    After I posted, I looked at their website and saw that they have a boutique in Montreal, but not in the US. :sad: That means I will have to visit somewhere abroad, such as France, to shop there. :smile:
  4. Love Clio Blue-Have several pieces, most purchased from Las Vegas store and from their store in Australia. I believe the Las Vegas store is no longer there.
  5. I was in Canada in August 2009, and I bought a beautiful silver ring with fish from them. I would love to buy more!
  6. bump: i dont own anything from this brand but I visited the store in Paris and loved the jewelry. There arent any shops at all in the US :sad:?

  7. I have a few pieces from years ago at the Las Vegas store -- it was in the shopping area connecting Paris, LV and Bally's. Anyhow, it's gone now, but glad to know there are a few places left in the world that still carry it --
  8. we used ot have one in kaanapali, but they closed down. DH got me a cute sterling heart necklace from there when we were still dating.
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  10. I just have one piece of Clio Blue but would love to see photos of all of yours!
  11. Yes, I remember Clio Blue! I bought a gold/silver ring with a little fish on it from their store in Maui when I was a teenager. I love their stuff!

    Sadly, the ring was stolen when my apartment was broken into several years ago. :sad: I would love it if they had more stores here in the U.S. or possibly an online store!
  12. This person advertised a clio blue necklace on ebay. I took a look and liked it since it is similar to another piece I own. So I bought it! Okay, probably stupid. 2ven more stupidly I didn't spot a clause that said I have to pay customs charges. These have come to half the price of the necklace!

    The seller will not accept returns, so I guess I will have to pay, but the charge is pretty steep for what it is and I have never had to pay a customs charge before, even with items costing hundreds of pounds!

    Feeling pretty peeved that I ever read this thread now! Grrr!
  13. I have a bracelet from them. I love Clio blue jewelry but it's on the pricey side.
    I will post a picture when I get home.
  14. I got secondhand, a lovely pink ring, silver, very heavy, with a positively huge pink stone for 79 you think it is worth having appraised? it's a really pretty cut and i like the ring in any case but the jewelry repair guy i showed it to said if it is a pink tourmaline, the ring is very expensive and maybe i shd get it insured. it would have to be worth paying the expense of an appraisal though. i just know nothing about this line of jewelry and have no way of knowing what these items normally cost.
  15. I forgot about this thread. Here are a few pieces I have. I think they're so cute! They do need a cleaning, though.

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