Anyone 5"7 Has a DAY bag in a bright colour?

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  1. Hi girls!

    I haven't started a thread in a while.. but I'm in a huge dilemma as to whether to purchase an apple green day bag. I like the colour, but the style is really not me. I don't own a single bag with a messenger/day shape but I thought it might be worth a go...

    Any lovely PFer is 5"7 and could help me model a Day bag slung on your shoulder? I've seen pics of the day bag on other PFers, but i realised that size DOES matter. My city bag looks kinda tiny on me in pictures but look nice and big on other PFers ....

    Help!! thanks! =)
  2. Hi Waterfalls. I'm 5'10" and have the Day in grey. I don't think it looks small at all - I'll take some pics once I give the kiddies breakfast and get out of my jammies.
  3. Well, this isn't exactly a bright colour, per se, but its fairly noticeable. I'm 5'7'', and wearing my 06 Rouille Day. Please excuse my :censor: photography.

    Picture 018.jpg

    Picture 021.jpg

    Picture 025.jpg

    PS It hangs lower than that when there's stuff in it - it was fresh out of the box when I took these.
  4. Hi Waterfalls. I've realised two things. 1. I'm not 5'7 (I'm 5'10) and 2. My bag isn't a bright colour. Anyhoo, I've attached some pics so you can see that the bag isn't small at all. I have a friend who's 5'2 with the Day and it doesn't look too big on her. Please excuse my cruddy pictures - why does the light always seem better in the bathroom?
    a.jpg a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg
  5. Cal, English_girl.... thanks sweetiesss.. =)

    you both look hot in your bags! =)
  6. cal - you're cracking me up! I can't believe you thought you were THREE inches shorter than you are!
    I'd kill to be 5'10! lucky lady!
    Your bag looks great on you too! :flowers:
  7. Is that Origan, Cal?
  8. TLN - It's the 06 Grey - such a great colour! I did have an origan twiggy which I sold and I really miss the colour but the style wasn't for me.
  9. I'm about 5"7
    I'll post a pic of me with mine tomorrow when I'm dressed. I'm about ready to get to bed right now.

    I think it is the best style. I think you will really like it. I'm dying for another in magenta b/c i think in a bright color it will look just fab!:tender:
  10. woooooooooo-whooooooooo, you & your grey hobo look awesome Cal :yahoo:
  11. :graucho: Thanks Aaall;)
  12. ok here is a photo of me w/my blueberry day in the restroom at work :throwup:
    sorry for the bad photo it was taken with my phone and i look like poo poo.
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