Anyoe know if its true if you work at Sephora you get a discout on Elux?

  1. So my friend's at Sephora as a Manager, and he was saying because she works there, that they ar connected with Elux and she gets a discount at Elux including LV....anyone heard of this???

    OMG...if its true I might need to get a part time job at Sephora over the holidays :smile:
  2. i dont know if thats true. i thought the only people to get LV discount were employees of LVMH. i know that if you work in department store that sells LV you dont get your discount on LV things.
  3. Don't know about the discount, but Sephora is owned by LVMH, so it's possible.

    If so, lucky her.
  4. Oh that would be so cool.
  5. i actually chatted with a sephora sales person once (he was admiring my cabas mezzo) and he told me that Sephora is owned by LVMH but Sephora sales people don't get discounts on LV products but LV sales people get 30% off things at Sephora.
  6. Yea, Sephora is a part of LVMH. Fendi, Mark Jacobs, Tag Hueur, etc are all a part of LVMH. I think it doesn't mean you get a discount.
  7. OMG - that is soooo unfair ! :p
  8. I know where I want to work now... :graucho: :p
  9. No discounts on affiliated leather goods product in any retail store besides just LV under the LVMH umbrella.
  10. Employees of DFS (also part of LVMH) receive employee discounts at Sephora and eLUXURY, but it is not offered at the LV Boutiques.

    The discounts offered on eLUXURY excludes all LV products.