Anymore PNY expandable flap

  1. Ok I know everybody's been out and about shopping. Has anyone seen any of the PNY ligne specifically the PNY flap? I would really like to find one and purchase if possible.
  2. I guess no sightings of the PNY ligne huh? Oh well, I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks anyways.
  3. I haven't seen any in stores but it does crop up on eBay occasionally. Good luck in your search, I love this bag.:love:
  4. I love this bag too! I also see them on eBay every now and then, but I have also seen some FAKE PNYs on ebay, so please be careful if you choose to go the ebay route, and check it out in the authentication thread! I hope you get one!
  5. ^^Fake PNYs? Wow! I didn't think there was that much interest in them that they would fake them.
  6. i love this line especially the flap in white.
    I had 2 oppurtunities to get it and I passed and I have been kicking myself since !!!
  7. oh yeeh- ebay's prices for this bag are ASTRONOMICAL
  8. what about the expandable? they are similar, I know , nothing like exactly what you want but at least it is close.
  9. Pardon my ignorance. Can someone tell me whats the difference between a PNY and the expandable flap?
  10. :tdown:
    I thought the same as you until this morning when I saw #150156140443 on ebay... a fake PNY... who'd guessed!?
  11. Look in the Chanel Reference Library under PNY - Paris-New York- collection & Expandable 2007.. the idea is the same but quite different quilting, straps & other things.:yes: