anymore paddies?

  1. hiiii
    Do they still sell paddies out there?
    I've checked BG, NM...
    have anyone ever heard of
    they have paddy around$1200...i'm thinking of getting 1 from them, but do they sell authentic chloes?
    what's the other question...o yea, what's the website for LVR?
    thanks bunch!

    ** cannooott wait for my own paddy :tender: **
  2. Here's the link to paddies on LVR: ::: shopping online

    Never heard of montecarloboutique myself - their prices look correct, but i'm personally a bit wary of purchasing from anywhere but very well known sites.:yes:

    You could always check Ebay too, but remember to come here first for your authentication!;)

    Good luck with your search:flowers:
  3. Any particular color you're looking for? There are several paddy satchels at the Nordstrom in Valley Fair. I can give you my SA's number if you want.
  4. Sometimes a trip down to your local Saks/NM/Nordstroms does the trick! When I returned my Edith my local Saks had 4 paddingtons.
  5. I was just in NYC a few weeks ago and they had a few paddies at the Saks on 5th Avenue. That was a few weeks ago...but it doesn't hurt to check it out!
  6. I just got the Notes book from net-a-porter with all the new fashions for the fall and the new Paddy's have black hardware. So there will be new ones this season.
  7. thanks for all the replies!!!!
    my place is a small campus town. the nearest city with all the stores would be CHicago, 2.5 hours from here. it's quite a hassle going back and forth considering i'm a busy2 student with no car and has to solely depend on my friends' generosity lending their cars. i checked 3 weeks ago, they sold out...i'm gonna check again this weekend.
    pnay: thanks, but I think i'll try a couple more shots. =)
  8. The Nordies at Walnut Creek, CA has the chocolat and orange, plus I just returned a tan there. Try Tammy, she is a great SA! Plus if you are out of state, maybe no sales tax and free shipping?
  9. Why did you return the tan paddy, you didn't like the color.
  10. I know, I know!! I wanted the tan like CRAZY but when I got it, I couldn't quite work it into my wardrobe --


    I just exchanged it for a chocolat :yahoo:

    If you saw the Bluefly posts a couple of months ago you might remember that was my first experience with the Paddy: I got sent a FAKE. It was terrible. I already had the Chloe wedge shoes in chocolat, so when I got the bag it was SOOO bad. Anyway, they credited my account and I am the HAPPY owner of a mousse and a chocolat paddy!

  11. I do remember that post. Whew that was a close one :shrugs: . Congratulations on your purchase!

    Post pics of the mousse, is that the new color that is called slate?
  12. I saw a bunch of paddies today, it was so hard not to buy one! I saw chocolate, orange, a yellow color and gris. I liked the gris a lot more than I thought I would! I also tried on the matching flat shoes! Very cute but a tad narrow for my feet.

    I saw bags at Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Intermix.
  13. Saks in Boca Raton has SO many Paddy's in SO many styles & colors...I like the new Orange, but I'm not buying for now!! I dont' think...hehehe
  14. I wonder if the new orange is the new "whiskey"...i.e. they aren't making whiskey anymore in lieu of the orange? I haven't seen any new whiskeys in the stores this year....

    thompk, I'm in Miami, FL! I don't see a lot of paddingtons down here in Florida (which is an excellent thing, IMO). Lots of LV though!