anymore limelight clutch anywhere?

  1. i'm usually in the Chanel forum, but this bag really caught my eyes that i need you girls to help me out looking for one!
    thank you!:heart:
  2. My store still had them on the weekend. I'm in Canada though...they won't ship to US if that's where you are.
  3. nm in Saks dadeland florida has them, also vegas NM, houston nm and Saks nyc
    if you call the 866 # they will tell you what free standing stores have them.i just got mine this am from dadeland florida
  4. my store had em! I think most stores have a few still..
  5. Good luck with your search, you should get it, it's a stunning clutch.
  6. There are a lot of stores that still have them, it just depends if you are looking for the fall or spring colors. The fall colors are much harder to find, the spring colors are pretty readily available in both the PM (small) size and the GM (large size). Also the fall colors only came in the larger size. Good luck and I hope that helps! Keep us posted!
  7. The Soho store in NY had them this past week-end, if you call ask for Caren she is a really nice SA
  8. As Irishpandabear said it depends what colour your looking for, and where you are if you're US you should be able to get them Europe? prepare for a battle especially if you want fall colours
  9. Thank you everyone! What are the fall and spring colour? i was looking for the chocolate black ? but i will give 1866 a call tomorrow!
    thank you again girls!
  10. Spring - gold and black
    Fall - pearl (silver) and bronze

    Good luck with your search ! :yes:
  11. I love the chocolate black. Houston Galleria has it last time I checked.
  12. just got the chocolate black gm-i love it!! can't wait to use it!
  13. I was in New Orleans this week and noticed that the LV boutique in Saks had a chocolate one on display!!
  14. I've seen a few in NYC at the store in SOHO, the Gold and the Noir
  15. My store had them in Santa Clara, CA. I saw the PM in noir and gold on display.