Anymore Legacy?

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  1. I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful coach xmas gifts but im definitely regretting not buying a few legacy items when they were at my outlet. I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not the outlets would be receiving anymore shipments of the '06 legacy bags? I was sort of hoping that maybe another shipment might get delivered to the outlets after the holidays??!! If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I was just at 3 diff. PA outlets over the holiday, and they all have Legacy stuff... They have the Mandy courier, leather satchel, slim flap, Ali, and hippie. These were in whiskey, white, and black mostly, although they did have some pond and a darker brown (possibly mahogany) for the satchels. They don't seem to have any wallets or wristlets except for the clay color, citron, and the legacy embossed in slate. The '07 flap bags in clay were there about a month ago, but they are now down to a couple of the small shoulder bags). They were really fantastic prices, and they had an additional 10% purchases over the holidays. Not sure where you are located, but as of Tues. they still had them. You can always call and ask them to hold the item for you...they will do so for 48 hours. Just a warning to BEG them to do it because at least twice, they have failed to actually hold the item for me (guess they got busy and forgot). I would warn them this happens and beg them to please do it since it's a special trip for you, blah, blah... GOod luck!
  3. Baglady, thanks soo much for the info!! I will definitely be giving them a call to see if they can hold a few items for me!! Im especially happy to hear they have the mandy courier! thanks again! :smile:
  4. Woodbury had so many legacy bags a few weeks ago it was CRAZY. They were everywhere. They had leather and signature Ali's, Hippies, Slim flaps, mandy's, legacy shoulder, legacy top zip, legacy flap, and legacy satchels in TONS of colors.
  5. Does anyone else know whether the outlets will get getting more shipments of the 06' legacy bags? Pennsylvania is pretty far for me so if anyone else has information I would really appreciate it!
  6. I was at the Chicago Premium outlets in Aurora, IL this morning and they have loads of legacy right now.
  7. thanks for the information ladies! In regards to outlets shipping, they ship from one outlet to another right?
  8. I'm not sure but I know that if you order from the outlets I don't think you get the sale price.

    Are you close to any of the coach outlets?
  9. May I ask how much the mandy is at the outlets? Thanks!
  10. The Mandy was $459 plus 20% off, and then another 10% for the holidays..not sure if that's through New Year's, but they always say "one day only". That was not the case. They had both black and whiskey at mine, and I think also white.

    As for ordering, nope, if you order at the factory, it's full retail price and shipped from the distribution center. However, they can check stock at other factory outlets and call and hold the item for you. You have to ask them, though. They can also tell you in SOME cases whether or not a specific item is on its way to a certain store, but most of the time, that does not happen.

    Jan. 2, at least some outlets will be getting in Bleecker bags, mostly signature.
  11. Thank you! :tup:
  12. I actually forgot what they Ali prices were and the shoulder flaps, but the leather satchels were $409.99 (I think) and 20% off, and additional 10% for the holidays. It was not as good a deal since I think the retail is between $600-650, whereas the Mandy is $798 retail. Also, the satchels have that annoying dog leash clasp belt thingy that you have to unlock when you unzip the bag completely (since it goes over the top). The dog leash clip belt is strictly decorative on the Mandy, and is SO less annoying!! I'm glad they changed that style. So all in all, I thought the Mandy was the best buy! I was a bad girl and bought that one too!!
  13. Baglady, which PA outlets were you at? Maybe it's time make another trip? TIA:yes:
  14. I actually live in NJ, but we were visiting family in PA over the holiday. I was at Reading (VF Factory outlets), but they had only 1-2 Legacy (minus one because that's where I bought my Mandy. :smile:). Most of the stock was at Tanger in Lancaster, and also Hershey outlets. I am so obsessed I was at one of the Coach outlets every day from Friday to Monday, lol! They seemed to put out add'l stock overnight, so sometimes what happens is that during the day they sell out and then restock what they have in the back for the next morning.

    I live closest to Penn's Purchase, but other than the Chelsea mineral bag, I haven't been too successful there with stuff. I'm mostly not a signature person, though, so I look for the leather bags. Tanger is the PA flagship store, and the nice thing about central PA is that retail Coach is MILES away...probably King of Prussia is about the closest, so they tend to have more and better stock. And the trip between Reading, Lancaster, and Hershey, can be done easily in one day...they are pretty close. I have seen many retail bags at these stores because people have no place to return their online purchases to retail stores, and so I have gotten a few special bags that showed up the evening before and were put out the next morning. So if you can get there when the store opens, that's best before it gets picked over. You can definitely call, though, and ask about a specific bag before you take the trip there.
  15. I just wanted to say, for example, that I picked up a Chelsea laced leather satchel ($798 retail) that was a customer return to Tanger. It showed up before the store closed, and was put out the next morning, and I grabbed it. Once the retail bag hits the factory doors, it is no longer a "retail" bag, and this one was marked down to $500, and then 20% off for a price of $400 (this bag at the time was still available online at!). I don't always see this much of a markdown with a retail bag, but in this case, both that and the Abbey bags they had were all $400. The problem is since the SA get 65% off factory prices, they sometimes snatch up the good ones before we get to them.