Anymore Chanel Black Satin polish near you?

  1. Are they completely sold out across US and especially NYC?? I would love to have a bottle of the exclusive nail polish!
  2. call a Dillard's closest to you. Caution: only select Dillard's sell Chanel but I know that if you contact any Dillard's they will locate a Dillard's that carrys Chanel for you:yes:
  3. its going for like $40.00 a bottle on ebay...crazy. I work at Lancome and the Chanel counter in my store had it, I tried it on and honestly its not all that, its kind of thin so it does'nt come out that pretty even with two coats. In my opinion there are much better black polishes out there.
  4. Or, you can paint your nails a deep deep burgundy and call it even!

    Honestly, in my opinion, this trend is a bit too goth and dirty looking for me... but if you must, I agree with divadarlinn that eBay is probably your best bet for now. Good luck!!
  5. EBAY! but i agree with the other posters it's not for me. i think for the 20 something and younger it's a fun trend cause of paris and lindsey, but those are not the same trends i personally follow...
  6. I've been wearing black polish on my toes for the last year and its from Rimmel and its amazing! i think my nails on my hands are too long for black, but I may file them down a bit so I dont look like Victoria Beckham and paint them black too. It's Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black Satin topped with Rimmel Superwear topcoat. Both under $3 from walmart.
  7. i live right at the tip of texas near mexico and they are STOCKED with the nailpoilsh.
  8. No. Everyone is sold out. I was not looking for this color, but all the chanel girls are talking about how insane it is.. no one has any! I was just trying to find vamp and nobody had this either! I guess people can't find black satin so they are buying vamp.
  9. there are alot of other brands that make the blood red/black or just black polish. looks just as good. and I gave up on chanel polish a long time ago. it chips to damn easily.
  10. try deborah lippmann for alternatives- lippmann collection : launch. her remover is very expensive for nail polish remover ($16) but amazing!
  11. aw! i know a place in the bay area (CA) that has black satin..maybe you should go to a chanel boutique near you and ask them to put you on their waitlist..the wait should not be too long! hope that helps
  12. whats the name of the store that has it??
  13. forgive me ladies, but, why all the hype for this chanel black satin polish?
  14. I've been wondering about this for awhile too lol:P
  15. ^ it seems im not the only one. :lol: