Anymore Boxes to be found? Must Have One

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  1. Hello all! I'm so desperate to find a couple more box bags. Are there any to be found anywhere (except I'm not interested in the pony or denim boxes and that's what I'm seeing)? I also saw a lilac on the bay but I don't care for that color. I know they've been discontinued, but do you think there are any strays lingering in stores out there???? MUST
  2. Try Cultstatus
  3. Thanks. I just put in an inquiry to them. Crossing my fingers.
  4. Cult Status still has a Pale Rose Box going at A$ 1359 if you're outside of Australia :smile:
    It has been sitting there for a while though so ask for photos if you can of the bag with its mirror next to it to see if it's faded!
  5. Thanks much. I heard back from cultstatus and they just sold the last box recently. I'll check out the bag borrow or steal too. Thanks much!!