Anymore Black Half Moon WOC?

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  1. hey gals,

    does anyone know which Saks/Bloomies/Nordies/Chanel carries the black half moon? i cant shop at NM because i dun have AMEX. please provide me with store location...thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. You can get away with Amex by buying gift card on line by your other cards and use the GC to pay in the store or phone order. NM will reorder them in Springs in black and Navy.
  3. That is a great way to to do it!

  4. thanks but i would rather shop from saks/bloomies/BG/CHanel since we have no NM here in NYC...just in case i need to exchange/return it, i dun have to mail it in...rather i can do it at the store...thanks for the info though!!
  5. No NM=No tax
  6. there is NM in NY state tho so nyc people still pay tax... unfortunately... and i don't know if we would anyway if it was just bg (i know it doesn't go the other way but not sure about this way...)
  7. I would love one too but it seems like many of the stores are sold out!
  8. NM in Beverly Hills has one more black in stock today. They called me for it this morning but I has already found one last week at another NM. There are still black ones out there. I think the whole "sold out" thing isn't really true because many are still popping up!
  9. It's also a reorder for this season so y'all should be able to find them without too much trouble.

    You can also try Penney @ hirshleifers. I know they recently got more in.
  10. Navy half moon sounds very tempting! can't wait to see it:P
  11. I love him-he is the best!
  12. I just purchased Black in caviar from NM and I am having them ship to me.
  13. I was in Saks in NYC on Monday and I believe they had it. It was the shiny lambskin in black (if that's the one you are looking for). I thought is was from Cruise 2011 but Chanel's website says spring/summer 2011. Hmmm. I have the red.
  14. I just got a black 1/2 moon from James Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill!
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