Anyi Lu SHoes????

  1. I was wondering if anyone has tried this brand? Any comments on quality, fit, sizing?

    Anyi Lu was a designer for Taryn Rose. Seems to use the same materials as Taryn Rose but are less money.
  2. I was wondering about thes shoes as well. Saw them at Nordstrom right to the Taryn Rose and they looked way similar!
  3. They are similar but I haven't had time to try them on.

    I noticed that her shoes don't have the same poron cushioning throughout the shoe (just at the ball) and most of the shoes don't have their own arch support. I don't know if the last is made to be supportive without the arch support like some of the Donald Pilner shoes.

    Nordstrom is the only place I have seen them in person so this is really only an assessment of what they had when I was last there.
  4. Just saw this post! I love my Anyi Lu shoes! I have 3 pairs and will get more in the fall. I think that they are at least as nice as my Taryn Rose and a bit less expensive.I would definitely recommend them!:heart:
  5. I tried on the Spicy pump and a heeled sandal at Nordstrom. I had to go up a half size from what I wear in Taryn Rose pumps.

    I thought they felt comforable but the heels were too high for my taste. Both brands have the poron cushioning but only the Sprice pump had arch support. Overall they felt pretty similar to many of the Taryn Rose styles but I think TR is a little more comfortable but not by much.

    The largest difference between the two brands I noticed (beside the $200 price difference) was in the leather. I think the TR leather is a little softer but the AL leather still felt nice and soft.

    I like her styles more than most of the styles TR has put out this season so I hope to find something new for fall.

    Hopefully this helps some others looking at this line...
  6. I own the ballet wedges in gold. They are very cute and true to size. I agree with the post about the lack of arch support though - I can't walk around in them for too long. I also own a pair of Taryn Rose ballet flats and fo some reason when I wear them for too long, my toes will start to hurt. This hasn't happened yet with the Anyi Lus. Hope that helps!
  7. I agree with the arch support issues. I put "Instant Arches" in mine & that made all the difference, I wore them to DD's museum field trip and they were great.
  8. Where do you find those? I have some flats I would to put some support in but most of the products like happy feet, dr scholls, etc. with the arch and the toe/heel combination don't fit.
  9. I found them online, they have self adhesive and stick to inside of the the shoe. I think they are called "Dr. Rosenberg's Instant Arches". They are great for ballet flats and shoes that you can't use a full-size orthotic in. (As you can see, I have bad feet!)