Anyhwere I can get a L'amore denaro?

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  1. Anywhere but ebay? TIA
  2. Orange County Nordstrom's still have them
  3. I'm guessing Macy's might still have them. In NY the Virgin Mega Store Times Square has a ton of em (but at full price tho).
  4. I went to the Virgin Megastore last Monday and was lucky enough to find a Lamore Denaro and there were a few to pick from. But then I stopped in again last Friday and there was only one left that had nice print placement, but with what looked like coffee or soda stains on it (and right on sushi boy's face). It was the same stained one I had seen Monday, so those Lamores really cleared out fast. There were a few Piratas and a couple of Paradisos and an Inferno left.
    If you sign up for a Virgin V.I.P. card, you get 10% off your purchase and they give you coupons to use later. I got a coupon for buying one item and getting the second at 1/2 off. So, you could get some coupons for future Toki purchases.
    I may stop by again tonight because I feel like checking out the new Mozzarella figure they have in stock (because by Toki obsession has now spread to toys). I'll let you know later what's there.
  5. Okay, here's the Toki stuff they have at Virgin in Times Square:
    Denaros: 10 Pirata, 4 Paradiso, 2 Adios star, 2 Blanco and the stained Lamore is gone
    Caramellas: 4 Adios Star, 2 Bianco
    Bocces: 2 Bianco
    Then there were some new piles of tshirts for $29.99: candy cane girl, cat with the blue cactus suit (sorry, don't know the name of this character), toki girl holding a pizza with a virgin mary tatoo on her arm in front of what looks like a southern italy coastal scene, some pink hoodies for $75 and some grey tshirts with the biker Toki girl.
    There were a lot of boxes of Cactus Love sets for $19.99. I passed on the Mozzarella figure for now because it's $29.99.
  6. Thanks everyone:smile: Are they on sale at Nordstroms?

  7. It is sold sad:sad: Thanks though!
  8. I saw two of them at the Lord and Taylor in Boston yesterday!
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