Anybody with this Pottery Barn swivel glider?


    It's more expensive than most of the conventional gliders/rockers but is so comfortable, and I love how it swivels to allow more flexibility for reaching/grabbing things without getting up and waking the baby. And it's big enough to accommodate the baby when they are bigger and can sit on your lap.

    What do you think? What's your experience using it been?

  2. Love this rocker! A family I used to sit for had this and it was faaaaaaaantastic! Wish I had one :shame:
  3. No... but I it looks fabulous and thanks for the suggestion!! My couches are down and the most comfy things ever... I'm thinking this is a must!!
  4. ^ You are welcome, I'd say go check it out at the store. I am thinking of getting it without the ottoman for now.
  5. ^^^you definitely need the ottoman. It's way more comfy in the long run.
  6. Yeah I was thinking the ottoman was a must. Funny how they make it half the price of the dang chair...
  7. So did you ladies get this? I am debating getting it as well.
  8. Yes we did and love it!!! Very sturdy, comfortable and moves very smoothly. I highly recommend it, it's worth the money.:tup:
  9. ^Thanks! I am going to go to the store again after the holidays and try it out again!